I’m feeling a little lazy, so let’s have a Flashback Friday!

Guess what happened almost a year ago-

We moved into our house!


I met the fiance because he was one of my roommates.  This means we’ve lived together most of the time I’ve lived in Portland.  (I lived with other roommates for 10 months in there).

Being roommates with me meant he got to see me be really cool.  And by really cool I mean he got to see this

Yeah, I’m flashing gang signs.  In an apron.

But I did point out, three years ago, after grocery shopping with another roommate, “If you looked at our groceries you’d wanna marry us”

That’s a cart full of wine, baking supplies, and pretzels.

When you start with that, you end your night flashing gang signs in an apron.  It happens.

He’s clearly been making me laugh (at least when I drink) for years

He also apparently used to drink Fat Tire.  Weird.

Oh and since it was talked about on Twitter today, I should point out that two years ago I went here

Roloff Farms-aka the Little People Big World pumpkin patch!

There was a lot of traffic

But we did get to meet Amy Roloff!

So why am I feeling lazy?   Besides the fact that I kinda am sometimes?  I’ve been busy!  It seems I like, have a job or something?  And I have to go to work?  Weird.

Good news is that forever ago I got a coupon for free Butoni through the Foodbuzz tastemakers program.  I’d been hording it for months to save for a night when I was too lazy to cook.

Lots of work = the coupon’s time had come

Hello easy dinner

I cooked up some sauce and added spinach at the end, plus green beans on the side

Super easy, and yummmmy.

But now I don’t know what I’ll do NEXT time I have no desire to cook!  I need a new backup!

What’s your favorite easy meal?


9 responses to “Lazy

  1. Oh my God, is she on the phone in the picture? PRICELESS

  2. AWESOME that you got to meet Amy, my friend worked on the show for a long time!

    Favorite easy dinner? Grilled cheese and soup!

  3. YES !! I was in on that twitter conversation… wouldn’t it be fun if they all road tripped out here next year for a Roloff Visit?? 😀

    ha… I just read Evan’s comment, and had to look at the photo again. That is funny!

    your pasta looks PERFECT. *Nom*

  4. I love the picture of your shopping cart 🙂
    Favorite easy dinner is a tie between grilled cheese and soup and tacos (went for tacos tonight and grilled cheese last night–long week!)
    I miss going to the pumpkin patch. LA sucks for stuff like that.
    What’s in your pasta sauce? It looks like creamy goodness.

  5. It’s a toss-up between ramen and PB&J. The ramen is slightly less lazy because I can put vegetables and egg in it. But if you drink milk with the PB&J then you’re covering more food groups. It depends how full I want to feel.

  6. Aww fun flashback!!

    Favorite easy dinner… anything from my favorite restaurant 🙂

  7. I roasted a chicken and eating It’s delicious meats in sandwiches, soups, salads. Luv it!

  8. That pasta is insane!!!!!! YUM!!!

    You two are the cutest couple ever – you make each other laugh, and that is most important 🙂

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