A Keeper

Yesterday while I taught 1st grade at a Catholic school

(best points in my day:  going to church and saying “boys!  Don’t zombie walk to mass!” and when telling kids to draw a cross on their religion paper having one ask me “can I draw Jesus on the cross? ”  Sure, you can draw a dying Jesus if you really want buddy.)

My husband was doing some presentations in town, rather than working in So-lame like normal.   Between them he was home, which meant when I got home from work I had a smiling husband on the couch and these in the fridge

St Cupcake?  Yes please!

There were big tops (chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting), peanut butter with fudge on top and pumpkin spice.

And a scarecrow.  Which amused me to no end.

You don’t wanna know how much extra the scarecrow cost.  Focus on the cute.

And because a half dozen cupcakes aren’t enough there was also this

A pumpkin whoopie pie!  From Baker & Spice.

That’s right, TWO bakeries. The man is a keeper friends.

Especially since he’s not so into pumpkin.  So I didn’t have to share two of the cupcakes or the whoopie pie!

In also good news, I booked today’s sub job yesterday afternoon, so I already had a lunch packed this morning

Carrots and hummus, peanut butter yogurt (greek yogurt + TJ’s peanut flour) with cereal to go on top, and a banana.

And even better, presentations mean he had a state car, so this morning rather than having to go drive him out to his vanpool I get to sit here with this

(a pumpkin pancake + trader joe’s pumpkin cream cheese + maple syrup)

rather than spending a full hour in the car this morning!

It’s a good day.

I’ve got a good husband.

What’s good in your day?

(I’m gearing up for today’s kinders.  ALL POSITIVE ALL THE TIME YO!!!)


9 responses to “A Keeper

  1. truly a keeper. when i get home and hubby is home, all i get is a sink full of dishes 😦 but sometimes he takes the trash out. just for that i keep him around.

  2. Yummy!

    I just remembered I owed you a book (Born Round)! We’re coming to PDX a few times in the next few months or I can mail it to you. Whichever is easier!

  3. I would seriously be afraid to teach in a Catholic school around Halloween. It just sound like the start to every Hollywood blockbuster.

  4. I need to get myself to Baker & Spice…

  5. Damn he really is a keeper!!! I love that you balance yourself, you enjoy deeelish treats but also eat healthy =)

    now I am on a mission to find cupcakes lol or anything sweet

  6. omg. your hubby and my FIANCEEEEE are the best cause they like to get us stuff with frosting…

  7. Your guy is awesome 🙂
    It seems like whoopie pies are making a come back. Those cupcakes look delish, too. I love the little scarecrow. Isn’t Fall great?

    What’s good in my day? I survived the DMV and the sun has made its first appearance since last week (I’m in LA so that is insane).

  8. pumpkin whoopie pies…yum!!!

    My day was good because instead of grading papers I’ve been watching funny youtube videos.

  9. One thing that was good in my day was that I just had a 1 hour massage 🙂

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