Don’t Get Too Jealous…

Guys, I don’t wanna make you too jealous, but there’s been lots of cool things in my life lately.

This weekend, I went on an empty bus
(I’m pretty sure that’s how horror movies start. )

Public transit is cool kids, it’s cool.

And after drinking at the art museum (it was free beer night!  You can get a little jealous of that) I may have demanded McDonald’s, because they have monopoly right now.

I understand if you’re a little jealous because McDonald’s monopoly is super fun.  But don’t be.

1 in 4 wins my ass
That face sums up my feelings.  And my sobriety.

I’ve mentioned it before, but my house is full of apples.  Don’t get too jealous but in addition to snacking on apples the size of my face

I’ve been making things like caramel apple waffles

With oozy deliciousness on top

Apple pie, apple cake, apple waffles… It’s a tough life.

Don’t get too jealous, but I subbed at a Catholic school yesterday, and this is what greeted me at the teacher’s desk

Happy Monday to me! (yes, that’s from last week, but it hadn’t been flipped, so that’s what greeted me)

And then I taught about sin.

Not even kidding.

Don’t get too jealous guys, but in addition to teaching about sin, I get recess

And after school snacks

Grilled cheese with bacon.

(Dearest husband:  don’t get too jealous, but I cooked bacon and didn’t tell you.  Because I didn’t want to share.  Sorry!)

And, you ready to work really hard at not being jealous?

The husband and I went to a neighborhood meeting thang tonight and guess what I found

Oh yeah, Baker & Spice.

FREE Baker & Spice.

Community involvement is delicious.

I understand if you’re just a little jealous now.

What have you been up to that I should be a little jealous of?  (Besides Diana, who got a sparkly ring-I’m a little jealous of new diamonds!)


6 responses to “Don’t Get Too Jealous…

  1. oh, wow – there is no place to hide ???


    hee… Jason reads my blog sometimes and asks, when did you make THAT??

    oops. when you were at work…

  2. ive taken up gambling.

    and um 1 in 4 does win at mcdonalds. i have like 5 million free medium fry coupons in my car.

  3. Hehe, I wouldn’t have shared the bacon either 🙂

  4. LOL I purposely went to McDonalds for iced coffee and won a free smoothie. The iced coffee was NASTY so I deserved a free something.
    Also I really wish I could sub at a Catholic school. My little brother goes to CCD (like a religion class) after school and he’s been asking about what sin means…I’m not about to discuss this with him.


  5. Why didn’t you put some apple on that grilled cheese with bacon?

  6. Thanks for the shoutout…seriously…I need some baker and spice before I die!

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