I live in Oregon

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know we drink our fare share of beer.

Possibly someone else’s fair share of beer as well.  Details.

But the thing is, I may be from Washington, but I live in Oregon now.  If you live in Oregon, it would be silly NOT to take advantage of the brewfests.  (Or the brewery open house where you get to drink FREE BEER FROM THE TANK).

And since we live in Oregon there are about 398403850948 fresh hop beers out right now.  So on Friday we went to a fresh hop “taste-ival”

We had a super balanced dinne-cheesesteak
And beer
(Side note-I love that we got real pint glasses at this.  Generally, beer fests give you plastic mugs, like the ones we got at Oktoberfest in Bend.  And you paid $5 for them, so you feel bad throwing them away.  So you save them, and then they only get used when you have small children over and need a plastic cup.  And then realize it looks pretty terrible to give a toddler a beer mug full of apple juice.)

We each had 8 tastes.  Which meant 16 different beers.  (well, 15 different ones, as my husband needed more than one taste from Double Mountain).

I’m horribly indecisive, and there were like 40 some beers there.  So I may have started picking out beers based on their names
I like puns.

(I really do like puns.  Terrible ones.  Sometimes when my husband is trying to go to sleep I start telling him jokes I make up.  Usually about cats.  “Where does the cat keep her wallet?”  “in a purr-se!” “What sort of boat does a cat have?”  “a CAT-amaran!”.  For some reason he doesn’t appreciate it.)

At the festival we met Patrick who blogs about beer and economics, and Jeff who writes Beervana.   Accidental blogger meetup.  Random.

Because we live in Oregon we also had some rain this weekend.

Which was the perfect excuse to bust out some comfort food
Creamy chicken stew, and biscuits.

So yummy, so yummy.

(too yummy in fact-I ate leftovers for lunch on Sunday, and couldn’t stop eating it.  Then felt less than awesome when we went on a run.  Way.  Too.  Full.  But worth it.)

We also had this girl visiting for the weekend


(If you haven’t been reading for a while, Shelby is my cousin’s dog.  She briefly was our dog because my cousin didn’t think they had enough time and attention for her.  But my cousin missed her too much, so she wasn’t ours for long)

So, I’m from Washington, which is why I love apples.  And I live in Oregon, so I drink (possibly too much) beer.  What eating habit can you blame on where you live or where you’re from?


7 responses to “I live in Oregon

  1. Haha, loved this post. I’m from California, so I need avocados and sushi. Preferably together. I’m also from the San Francisco Bay Area, so it has to be local/organic/pretentious and I’m OK with that.

    I’m also from Russia, so I drink vodka.

  2. i love shelby. and those are the best chips EVER. i am from utah.. so i drink shitty beer. it is only 3.2% alcohol by volume unless you want to pay unruly prices for it at the liquor store.

  3. I’m from Oregon, so I eat like a hippie. 🙂

  4. Shelby is too cute!

    I’m from California so I love avocados, mexican food and carne asada. (Carne asada from San Diego hole-in-the-wall restaurants specifically.)

    I love beer. I should move to Oregon.

  5. I’m from California so I think your cat jokes are funny.
    But I live in Washington so I have crabs.


  6. I love those chips! I especially love them with the Helluva dip from Costco 🙂

  7. I don’t have a good thing to blame on my surroundings…except for maybe crappy fast food or bad fried stuff. Blech.

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