Keeping him happy

I like to make my husband happy.

And while I would think doing things like making this lovely arrangement with the pumpkin he got me would make him happy

Really, he’s happiest if he’s well fed.

And I like to keep him happy

Because if he’s happy he doesn’t get as annoyed with some of the less loveable things I do.  Like when I make him watch iCarly.

Or when I mange to turn myself into a burrito with the blankets at night, leaving him freezing.

Or when I’m PMSing like whoa and start sobbing at him because we’re out of coffee creamer.

Or (and this is the meanest thing I do) I make him do things on the weekend.  When there is FOOTBALL on.

I’m clearly a horrible horrible wife.

So I do my best to make up for it.  Last week, when we had Indian he LOVED it.  And I only made enough for dinner, not leftovers for his lunch.

Like I said, horrible wife.

So this week I made it again.  And took pictures to show you guys

I like the rice that comes in the burlap bags.  It feels more authentic.

See!  It says authentic right on it.  Costco sells brown basmati.  Basmati is my favorite rice ever.  After I had it at an Indian friend’s house in high school I may have demanded my parents buy me a whole bag of it.  No shame.  For a long time I could only find white in the fun bags.  I got possibly too excited the first time I found this.

I also use curry powder that has writing I can’t read on it

Authentic.  (I got this at Barbur World Foods-any random ethnic grocery is an awesome place to buy spices.  I think it was under 4 bucks for this giant thing of curry)

A lot of curry recipes have absurdly long lists of spices.  I’m not fancy* so I use these

Cinnamon (yeah that bottle is deformed.  I still keep refilling it), garlic, the curry powder, red pepper, and cumin.

Plus a tomato and some purred roasted hot peppers (my parents gave me an absurd amount of peppers, so I roasted them, then put a few in the magic bullet with some water to use for this meal.  So friggin good)

I put cauliflower in a big pan with some water, curry powder, cumin, and the purred peppers (Normally, I’d just use crushed red pepper).  I covered it till it was softened, then added a ton of spinach

And let it cook a few more minutes.  I’m always amazed at how spinach shrinks.  This is what we ended up with

We also had some dal

Which I made with purred peppers, tomato, curry powder, cumin, garlic, and a touch of cinnamon.

For the chicken, I got really authentic and busted this out

Trader Joe’s makes some good sauces, let’s not lie.

The sauce also had a splash of this

Because heavy cream is fantastic.

All together

And there were leftovers!

Which is good, because I have lots of things I want to happen this weekend. Things that aren’t beer and football.

Do you ever make Indian food at home?

What are your weekend plans?  We’re going to a beer fest tonight.  Which means I deserve to go shopping for new jeans I think.


*if you’re wine tasting and they try to give you white wine before you taste red and you say “it doesn’t matter, I’m not fancy” they judge and mutter things about “killing your pallet”.  Guess how I know.

9 responses to “Keeping him happy

  1. I make Indian at home! It’s almost always coconut-pineapple chicken curry though. I just switch up which kind of curry. Some days it’s red curry paste, others it’s yellow curry paste (my fav). Other times it’s just regular curry powder. I say it like it’s just *normal*, but really it’s fancy Caribbean curry I bought at the fancy spice shop with the nice man that always encourages me to smell all the spices before I buy them.

    There must be a story behind the deformed bottle…

  2. You are hysterical. You must be a hoot to live with. You know, when you’re not PMSing or watching iCarly

  3. I have that orange horrible beanie baby and that FM curry powder. We are classy ladies in the Pacific NW! Want to go wine tasting?

  4. I get like 8 jars of that every time I am in Cali. It’s so good.

  5. I’ve never made Indian at home. Yours looks good. And I had to laugh at your “bad wife” things. I do so many of those. LOL

  6. Beer fest sounds like fun. I’ve been holding my own informal pumpkin beer festival for a few weeks now.

  7. Your husband is lucky to have you 🙂

  8. LOL LOL the wine tasting story is hilarious! I guarantee something like that has happened to me also. Like when I was 21 and ordered White Zin…oh man people love to judge when you drink rose colored wines.

  9. omg. stop making indian food. it makes me want it like SUPER bad…anyways you guys go to so many beer tastings I can’t keep track! hahaha

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