I’m all about balance in life.

Like our lazy Indian meal last week.  Chicken with marsala sauce, curried cauliflower and spinach, and rice
Plus dal
It wasn’t too mild, it wasn’t too spicy.

It wasn’t too fatty, but it was rich enough to be tasty
There’s a shot of cream in there.  Cream is good for you, I swear.

There was enough meat to make my husband happy, and enough veggies to make me happy
And since it was homemade with some trader joe’s thrown in, the prep time was also just right.  Balance is good.

When it comes to feeding my husband, it’s about balance too.

Did you know when we first started dating he told me he didn’t like pie?

I mean of all the foods he hates, pie is one of the weirdest to me.

When it comes to feeding him foods he doesn’t like, I try to take a baby bear approach.  I don’t want to push it too much.  But I also don’t want to never get to have pie.

So when I made the apple pie on Monday, I told him I didn’t expect him to love it.  But I wanted him to at least try a bite.

And because he’s good on balance too, he said he would finish a whole piece, to give it a real chance.
(how can you say no to this?  I don’t know….)

And the results?

He liked it!

(we also ate the pie after going on a run.  balance friends, balance)

Balance also comes in the fact that when dealing with my migraine of doom my husband mixes letting me wallow in bed with making me laugh (“you realize that throwing up in the parking lot of Fudruckers sounds like it should have a really good story to go with it”)

(yes, I threw up in the parking lot of Fudruckers.  Like I said, migraine of doom)

And it’s also balancing things that make me feel alive
With my husband running to the store to get me things that make me smile.  Like popsicles and this
Seriously.  A pumpkin!

He may not be able to totally balance out the migraine, but my husband does a darn good job trying.

What’s been balanced in your life lately?

Anyone else get migraines of doom?


11 responses to “Balance

  1. i used to get migraines of doom that was connected to that monthly visitor but since ive gone on a different BC (tmi?) i havent had one in like 1.5 yrs.
    That is an awesome pumpkin. Perfectly shaped. good job mr. eating machine

  2. My husband always says he doesn’t really like desserts, though whenever I make them he always wants some 80-90% of the time, especially cookies. Though he still doesn’t eat as much dessert as me. So I finish whatever dessert that he doesn’t finish, and he finishes my dinner. Balance. 😉

  3. Eek, sorry to hear about the migraine. At least your hubby is taking awesome care of you 🙂 That looks like a perfectly balanced meal to me!!! I haven’t had Indian in forever!

  4. that indian food looks really good. I want to eat that and a slice of pie now. Who doesn’t like pie? Oh yeah, me. Fruit pies took a while to grow on me. I only eat them with ice cream. Without ice cream, I won’t touch it.

  5. Your Indian food turned out great. I may have to give that a shot.
    Sorry to hear about the migraines. Acupuncture can really help if you’re open to that kind of treatment.
    I can’t wait to get a pumpkin. We always roast the seeds. So good 🙂

  6. i balance working with heavy drinking.

  7. I actually don’t like pie either. Because the pastry gets all soggy from the fillings and whatnot, and it’s hard to cut without being super-messy. But I do like pies with fillings that aren’t watery fruit, like pumpkin and cheesecake (graham cracker crusts help).

    My sweetie’s “hate” list is very similar to your husband’s, only instead of listing out all those fruits and vegetables you can just say, “anything squishy.” So that encompasses the raisins, tomatoes, plums, squash, and berries (except strawberries, because strawberries aren’t squishy) plus tofu, bananas, beans, etc. etc. Marshmallows, oddly, are acceptable.

  8. I’m one of the weirdos who don’t like pie either. I just hate fruits in desserts. I like them raw and plain. But if it’s served with ice-cream….well, that’s a different story. 🙂

  9. I get awful migraines. They rot! What helps (temporarily but doesn’t get rid of them) are those cold gel eye packs that you keep in the fridge. Strap them around your head. You’ll look absurd, but the cold helps!

  10. what a great hubby!! I see YOU changing (by going camping and such) and HE’S trying all your yummy foods! WIN WIN my friend! Um..balance…being sue sylvester at work but nice at home? Does that count or is that multiple personality disorder?

  11. I crave balance. If anything in my life is out of balance, I totally get a migraine of doom!! They hurt so bad that I puke. It is not pretty.

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