I am from Washington

Reading this post, you need to realize an important fact:

the first 22 years of my life were spent in Washington.

I know my apples.

I love my apples.

And sometimes I acquire so many apples I look like a hoarder.

I had 15 pounds of apples in my house this morning.  And that was after eating a few last night.

And fujis
Why so many?

We foolishly picked up apples on our way home from church yesterday.  That’s to blame for the fujis.

My parents were also coming.  And said they’d bring some things from the garden. That’s to blame for the Criterions.

And then I told my mom to go through the Hood River fruit loop on their way down.  Which resulted in the McIntoshes.

But like I said, if you’re a good Washingtonian you know your apples*

So I knew that even with their less than perfect spots
The criterions would make a fantastic pie.

Hello pretty
I love how apple pie looks
Brilliant part-I found a recipe where you make a caramel sauce, and dump it over the lattice.  Gives you sugary goodness on top.
And since I had started chopping apples, applesauce was made too
A little under an hour later, and I have this beauty on my table
And a big bowl of apple sauce
Plus, my apple stash has shrunk
At least until next week when my cousin is bringing us goodies from apple pressing.

I’m not worried.  It’ll just be an excuse to make more of these

What’s your favorite apple type?  I’m all about the fujis and the galas.

Have any favorite apple recipes?
*I have had many conversations about apples in my life.  Fuji’s vs Braburns, why on earth anyone eats apples that have “delicious” in the name as those are always the worst,  the pros and cons of a backyard apple trees.  Not weird, right?


13 responses to “I am from Washington

  1. I can’t help but to leave a comment as I LOVE apples. Most kinds of apples. My favorites change from time to time (and I’m slightly ashamed to say that I used to be in love with red delicious apples), the most current being royal galas and honeycrisps. I wish my computer had smell-o-vision because I bet your pie and applesauce smelled (and tasted of course) so delicious. Hooray for apple season!!

  2. Food & Other Things

    I pretty much love any kind of apple but galas are my fave! Your apple pie looks so pretty!

  3. Yes apples with the name delicious in the name are gross.

    I am really weird about apples. They have to be sliced and crispy. If they are even a little bit soft or mealy, I will die. (Ok not really.)

    That apple pie looks better than sex.

  4. i hear this years crop is pretty bad meaning tons of worms in them especially if they werent sprayed.

    my faves are fujis for sure. last year when i was working at the market people would ask me what variety of apple a particular one was and then i just non chalantly say red because i referring to red delicious…they thought i was being an ass and being sarcastic and calling a red apple red.

  5. Mmmmm, us Washingtonians must be healthy. An apple a day…

    I like pink ladies and granny smith the best. Yellow transparent makes the best applesauce (try running your applesauce through a food mill sometime, it’s AWESOME). And one my favfavfav things to do with apples is make cider. My parent’s have a somewhat homemade press and it’s fabulouso.

  6. that is RIDICULOUS that you have all those darn apples. I would give anything to have some right now…thank gawd I am off tomorrow. my kitchen is full of poptarts and cereal…delish but NO FIBER. fave apple recipe? YOUR PIE

  7. If you find Pinatas, pick them up. They are delish!

    I agree about mushy apples. Rome? Those are worthless.

  8. I’m excited about apple season, too! When I was a student at Rutgers, which has an agricultural school and does a lot of research on fruit production, I got to try a lot of the experimental apples. The research farms would have too many and they’d let students pick the apples if we came for a field trip or they’d bring huge boxes and just leave them in the classrooms whenever the researchers came to give a talk for a class. (The farm was more than an hour away from campus.) So the best apples I think I ever had, the apples I dream about, are ones that I have never found since – Goldrush. (One of their parents is a Golden Delicious.) My second favorite is Stayman Winesap.

  9. I’m a gala fan, but sometimes I do have a hankering for Granny Smiths. And when I need comfort I turn to bland Red Delicious, because that’s the kind they had in my elementary school cafeteria and they make me feel pampered.

  10. I like red delicious the best. I love their crunch.
    The sauce on top of that pie has me drooling. Holy balls!

  11. That is the most BEAUTIFUL, MOUTHWATERING, PICTURE PERFECT apple pie I have ever had the pleasure of looking at. Now if only you would come over and make me one!!!!!

    I don’t know the difference between the apples at all!! Haha, I totally need a lesson or I could maybe do a taste test 🙂

  12. OMG!!! That pie looks so good!

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