More Bend

Our second day in Bend started out with the husband giving a presentation
He’s an economist.  The Oregon economy is less than awesome.  So it was a toooootalllllly uplifting talk.

Then we went out to explore Bend some more.  We hit up Bend Brewing for lunch

Beer of course
Plus we shared a mini pizza and salad
And a crab cake sandwich
Yummmms.  The menu said the crab cake was grilled?  It wasn’t greasy or crunch outside.  Which meant you could justify the fries AND the beer, right?

We also went and took a tour of Deschutes.

They’re the biggest brewer in Oregon-if they’re sold in your state you’ve most likely seem the Black Butte Porter or the Mirror Pond Pale.   We got to see giant tanks
And what looks like a drug stash
But is really just hops
Lots of hops!  Most hops in the US are grown in the northwest (70+ % of the US total is from washington, and most of the rest come from Oregon and Idaho) so we have some hoppy hoppy beers here.

There were tastings too!

Then we went to visit the kids I used to nanny-they moved to Bend two years ago.  Their youngest was 15 months when they moved, so when I’ve seen them since he doesn’t recognize me.  But midway through our visit he climbed onto my lap and snuggled.  I melted.  Maybe he subconsciously remembers me?   I’ll pretend anyways.

And I have more to write but I just got called to work!  Must fine pants!  (I’m a substitute teacher.  Life is unpredictable.  Woo ha.)


10 responses to “More Bend

  1. How funny, that totally looks like a drug stash. A really big stash!

    How do you like being a substitute teacher? Do the kids ever give you a hard time?

  2. the Mister has a really fancy pants title. reading the title of the lecture i suddenly got lost after Ec…figures…
    wow, no wonder WA has a lot of drunks.

  3. OK, so our husbands do the same exact thing- except yours works with the city, and mine is a consultant for cities. Yay for economists!

  4. OMG Back in the Black is HILARIOUS! You gotta hand it to them for pulling in the AC DC reference.

    Yeah, maybe we need a consultation with Josh before we move to Portland. Get the straight scooby about what we’re looking at.

    PS. I will either mail you the Born Round book or hand it off when we’re down there in Oct. 🙂

  5. Wow, Josh looks SMART.
    There are so many hop fields near our house it is insane! We are just a beer and wine state through and through. Shouldn’t that be keeping our economy afloat, Josh?!?

  6. That pizza looks GOOD!!!!!

    I agree with Mama Pea … he looks very smart 🙂

  7. Grilled crab cakes? I didn’t even know that was possible. I want one.

  8. so… um.. did he fix the economy yet? isnt that his job?

  9. NONfried crab cakes? I have never seen that…ONLY in oregeon…where I want to go..I will help out the economy there with my spending..I promise!

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