Come Together

My husband is from Colorado.  I’ve learned this means he’s happiest in the mountains.

I’m from surreal America (aka southeastern Washington).  This means I am happiest where there’s no rain.

He went to what was at the time the #1 party school in the US.  I am Catholic.  This means we both enjoy our beer.

And we just had a fantastic weekend where all these things came together.

The husband had to speak at a conference in Bend, Or.  It’s about 3 1/2 hours from Portland, in central Oregon.  It’s classified as being high desert, but it’s also less than a half hour to Mt Bachelor.  And it’s home to the largest brewery in Oregon.

It was the things we love, managing to come together in one place.

And to top it off, we had delicious food too.

Our first night there we went to Kebaba for dinner
It was in an adorable converted house.
They had a fixed price menu for two people where you got to pick way too many tasty things to eat.

A curry tempeh salad, that had cashews and raisins and deliciousness in it
A chicken skewer + rice
Redic flatbread with cheese

The flatbread is half eaten because we were too excited and started eating befre I took a picture.  Whoops.

And of course delicious pitas.

So full.  So good.

Then we went to 10 Barrle Brewing for a drink.  It was dark and packed with people, so just imagine this

With the window open, full of people.  Very fun.

Up next:  more beer, Oktoberfest, and Mirror Pond (yup, just like the beer!).  But for now I need to go do some laundry.  Leaving town = messy house.

What would your ideal town have?

Bend seriously just may be our ideal.


11 responses to “Come Together

  1. DUDE! I need to come back to Bend and try those places. YUM!

  2. Ooh, I’ve never been to Bend so I’m looking forward to reading more about your trip!

  3. Yums I can go for some greek food right about now…I heart falafel!

  4. i wanna go to bend! seriously EVERYONE who goes there says it is the best place ever

  5. im pretty certain anywhere in OR is pretty awesome and beats pullman.

    i was going to get him an electric kettle but he was like WHATS THAT? and then asked me to please not embarass him with weird gadgets for his dorm. So I conceded. oh well UW can use his tuition money towards rebuilding his dorm if he does burn it down.

  6. My ideal town would have lots of great (different) restaurants, a whole foods or trader joes (or something similar) and a great live music scene at night.

  7. OK, your work trip was way more fun than mine!

    My ideal town would have a beach, good weather all year, lots of good food, and on the west coast…so basically San Diego!

  8. that is a HUGE bowl of hummus! all the food looks good!

  9. My ideal town would have more dry season than wet season, 70s temps, a brewery specializing in imperial stouts, close to a beach, but within an hour of good skiing. Oh and delicious food. Of course. And happy hours. The happiest of happy hours.

  10. Um…am I missing out on something cause I never knew falafels can be so freaking big! and I REALLY like houses that are converted into restaurants..I dunno why!! My IDEAL town would be walkable and have THINGS TO DO.

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