Live and Learn

Thanks for all the wedding picture love!  I think our photographer was pretty fantastic!  (And Tamara, the photographer had scouted out the magical light bench earlier that day-it’s impressive, huh?)

Marrying someone who loves sports has been a learning experience.

I’ve learned that someone who on a normal day can barely drag themselves out of bed at 8 am will be up, bright eyed and raring to go if there’s a game on.

I’ve learned words like “offsides” and “holding”.

(Not what they mean, mind you, just to smile and nod when I hear them)

I have also learned that once football season starts, if I want my husband’s attention on the weekend, my best bet is cooking something delicious.

So with Sports Center as background music, I start doing things like this
Which gets his attention enough for him to pause.  And then smell these coming out of the oven
Because he’s so wrapped up in football, he doesn’t know what’s coming until he sits down to this
(Seriously.  He told me he thought he was just getting country gravy-no meat-on biscuits.  He about died with the sausage and eggs.  And that biscuit recipe is possibly the best ever.  Ever ever.)

And I’ve learned if I fill him up on delicious things he’ll then happily eat fruit
But this past weekend I also learned something totally new.

Because the Chiefs were playing.  And I guess they’re pretty terrible.  So you can’t find them on normal TV.  Which means to see the game you have to go to a sports bar.

The game started at like 10 am.

So after mass we went to this
Oh sweet lord.

Those tiny looking tvs on the bottom?  Normal, decent sized TVs.  That big screen?  At least 10 feet tall.

And while in college I distinctly remember some people judging when I would come to class with Sparks in my coffee cup, I learned if you’re at a sports bar, this is ok to do at 10:30 am

Clearly if I’d simply watched more sports in college, I would’ve had less of a reputation for being a drunk.

Live and learn.

And I learned it’s also ok to order things like this for breakfast
Know what else I learned?

If you have blood sugar issues, beer and onion rings are a terrible terrible choice for breakfast.

Live and learn friends, live and learn.


6 responses to “Live and Learn

  1. Ugh, I hate most sports. Sports bars are always so annoying, personal choice, but I just don’t like the yelling every couple of minutes. Eek! Glad I don’t have a husband that likes sports. I did have a roommate that did though. Every weekend there was a game. It was *his* TV so I can’t complain, but still. All the freakin’ time.

  2. I haven’t tried to feed my sweetie fruit after giving him something delicious. I have learned that he will eat carrots if the incentive to get to the meat is strong enough 😀

  3. lol. from church to the bar…love it.

    i would never cook anything on a sunday only because im too glued to the tv. offsides is when the defense moves into the neutral zone before the ball is snapped. holding is….well holding a guy by actually hooking your arm across his chest or neck.

    you probably really didnt care that i just explained it…i love google.

  4. Omg the hubs likes the cheifs?! That’s glenn’s fave team too! Haha they are lame ! Omg I love biscuits and gravy! Gah ! And I can’t believe u got him to eat fruit!

  5. Mmmmm, beer and onion rings … come to mama!!!!

  6. I have ZERO interest in sports. Why watch other people have fun, when I want to have fun myself? I get jealous of seeing these players running around and I wanna run around, too, not sit down and watch them hump each other.

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