“Cinderella Get Married”

So, earlier this week, one of our groomsmen IMs me, asking if we ever got our pro wedding pics, as he hasn’t seen them.

(That, clearly, was my fault, as I thought, you know, my husband would share them.  Which he would.  When he remembered.  Somewhere around our third anniversary)

And that made me realize I’ve never put the pictures up on here!

Sorry if you’re sick of wedding stuff!  I wanna share 🙂

Pictures were done by the lovely Smita and her assistant

She was absolutely lovely-I actually went to high school with her.  She’s clearly magic, as we got this picture of my parents

My mommy hates her picture being taken, so it’s hard to find smiling pics of her.  Magic.

In real life, my church isn’t so pretty.  But I think it looks pretty rad in pictures

If you were to find one picture of the day that was the most me, I think this is it

THE ELEPHANT SLIDE!  This was in the park when I was little.  I got way too excited when we found it.

My husband and I both tend to make faces in pictures.  Which means I have a lot of wedding photos like this one

Serious wedding photos are for serious people.

That, clearly, is a giant fish.  That we’re sitting on.

You may think “oh look, a picture of the guys”

Except this was what you saw from the back

My mom just about died laughing at it.

Overall the boys just had a little too much fun in the park

We girls took prettier pictures

And we did manage some normal pictures too

One of the flower girls was…. helping my face be pretty?  Who knows

This was spontaneous “let’s twirl together” adorableness

It made my ovaries melt a little bit.

My maid of honor pointed out in this picture

If you look closely, she and Liz (in the black dress and the red dress, respectively) are so not excited about the idea of catching a bouquet.

My husband clearly was excited to leave…

You’d think we hadn’t been living together for the past year…

And we now live happily ever after…

The End

(well, the end of the wedding pics at least)


13 responses to ““Cinderella Get Married”

  1. the pictures are so great! I love them all – especially the ‘non’ serious ones.

  2. These are beautiful. I’m glad that your personalities were able to shine through.

  3. The pictures look great and it looks like you had a lot of fun! So important to have fun on your wedding day.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The slide one is definitely my favorite!

  5. LOVE the pics – you look stunning, and I love that you had silly pics too – because you so silly 🙂

  6. So very very gorgeous. The first and the last ones are my personal favorites.

    I want to have you guys down for dinner soon. I’m sorry we’ve kind of lost touch…you know how busy our lives are. I’m in between ballet, school and soccer right this second. I’m happy I could take a minute and say hi, though!

  7. Did you have to run around the whole park to find a place with that movie-perfect streaming sunlight? Or is that the designated special-occasion-sunlight-streaming bench?

  8. You are so pretty, Kalin. I love your hair, your dress and purple ties. Amazing. I love fun weddings.

  9. Omg! My ovaries quivered at your pics too! So lovely and fun! Gah!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 OMG you look beautiful…everything does!
    So happy for you! 🙂

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