Coming to Terms

It’s for reals fall now guys.

Like I can’t pretend.

Well I can.  But then I’m caught in a rainstorm in flip flops and no jacket.  Which happened this weekend.

I’m trying to come to terms with it.

I know I’ve said I love fall, and I do.  I can dig on halloween, leaves changing, things like that.  But the rainy season starting?  Nuh-uh.

After the rainstorm this weekend, I tried to make peace with the seasons.

I found my umbrella, but that print realllllly didn’t help
(yeah, beach themed umbrella.  way to depress myself all winter.  smarrrrrt)

Thinking about buying squash at the farmer’s market, curling up by the fire, how in about a month I could start attempting to justify my Christmas tree going up.

All that ended up doing was making me crave hot chocolate.

But then I realized even better than liquid chocolate is chocolate CAKE.  And that’s where this started
Butter and chocolate.  Health foods friends.

A few more ingredients, then into ramekins
What is it?

No, not just mini cake.

Although all mini foods are delicious, let’s not lie.

Those went into the fridge while we had some chili for dinner
(and watched so much football my head almost exploded)

Then those ramekins went into the oven

And out came these adorable cakes
That inside were…
Lava cake.

Oh my goodness friends.

Lava cake.

It warmed the coldness out of my soul.

And at least fall also means apples
(first new ones of the season!)

My husband had one this morning and declared “Put these on your blog.  Just write ‘awesome’ under them”.

They are awesome.

I’m having one for breakfast
While shopping for new boots online.

Do you like rain?  I used to.  But in Portland, by mid winter I feel like the rain will never end.  I fear the rain now.

12 responses to “Coming to Terms

  1. i dislike rain in the PNW. If i were still living in Hawaii Id love rain because rain in the pacific means no chance of getting pneumonia or hypothermia.

    Hawaii Rain = Warm Shower

    PNW Rain = Sick in bed with a runny nose
    Now if we could just bypass the rain and get to the snow already id be a happy camper.

  2. I’m shopping for boots and a new coat this week. With a hood. Mama had a ‘fro all weekend.

  3. I love rain, but I prefer a torrential downpour, with thunder, lightening, etc..

  4. Lava caaaake! That reminds me of these delicious little bite-sized cakes that were lava cakes made with Theo chocolate. So good….*dreams*.

  5. YES i love fall as well..but not winter…I like it to stay this way…forever!! OMG mini lava cakes!! And you are so right mini=diet and awesome. 🙂

  6. ps. I heart rain as well as long as no mosquitos are involved afterwards!

  7. LAVA CAKE!!!! I want a recipe!

    I made chili today. It makes me happy. I love chili even when the weather isn’t appropriate.

  8. I’ve missed your blog, for real. Sorry I’ve been a bad reader. Life is chaos. I think the only thing that will get me through this emo state is lava cake. Yum.

  9. is it time for christmas music yet?

  10. I like rain in that I like grass that is not dead and I like local fruits and vegetables, which all require rain. But I do not like the actual act of raining. Therefore, as nice as Portland was when I visited, and as delicious as Dave’s Killer Bread is, I do not think Portland and I would get along very well.

    Get yourself some cute rain boots!

  11. Your hubs did the right thing marrying you! Lava cake, chili, AND football all weekend!?!?! lucky man lol

  12. So Portland is really rainy, huh? There goes my plans to make it my home someday because it’s such a great foodie place. Sigh.

    The chocolate lava cake though? Wow. LOVE the gooey center. I would make it a main meal and have it for dessert. 😉

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