Comfort Food 102H*

*I was going to call this comfort food 101, but I realized it’s not really a 101 course.  In undergrad I was in the honors program.  Rather than philosophy 101** honors kids took philosophy 102 H.

Cold weather makes me ready for comfort food.  Yesterday, with a rainy morning outside I realized my life needed some real comfort food.

I looked in the cupboards and found these
Plus I realized I had this sitting on top of the microwave
(yes, my yeast is expired.  no, I didn’t pay 54 cents for it.  I had a coupon.  I paid 12 cents. For a 4 pack. I love me some coupons.)

I realized that there’s few better things on a dreary day than soup and fresh baked bread.  So I got to work.

(I’m fairly sure normal people don’t bake bread when they’re in the mood for comfort food.  Hence the 102H.  I’m ok with not being normal.  It means I have bread.  Win.)

We all know comfort food needs butter
and comfort food means I even busted out

We don’t use a lot of it in our house.  It’s exciting when it happens.

(I also may have ran out of whole wheat bread flour.  Details)

While the bread was rising
I worked on some split pea soup
I love split pea because it’s all stuff I have in my house.  Dried peas, chicken stock, carrots, celery, and onions.  Simple.  And yet magically delicious.

And I got to sit down to a happy, warm lunch

After lunch, the rain stopped so the kitten and I went outside.  She immediately decided to make good choices, and did this


Then realized she couldn’t get down.  Smart kitten.  Smart kitten.  Of course, it started to rain again as this happened.

So I scooped the kitty out of the tree, went inside, and had another bowl of soup.

When it rains, you can never eat too much soup.

What’s your favorite comfort food?  I love soup, and I love that it’s pretty low key to make.  Stew is well loved in our house too, it just takes more planning.

**philosophy 101 was logic.  Really, if there was ever a course a bunch of smart kids need, it’s logic.  Intelligent /= logical.


8 responses to “Comfort Food 102H*

  1. Please, we so did not need logic. We needed to learn that pencils were evil and the meaning of “defenestration”.

    Plus, you could tell that we were completely logical and rational by all of the good decisions we made that year. Oh wait… 😀

  2. i can now say I have taken an honors course. thank you for that.

    i see a pizza coupon in the corner of one of your pictures…pizza is my comfort food, along with chicken pot pie.

  3. I want split pea soup and fresh baked bread. I’m jealous of your skills. I’ve never made split pea. Clearly this has been added to my list of recipes to make!

  4. Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese is my ultimate comfort food.

  5. Normal people don’t bake bread when they want comfort food? No. I refuse to acknowledge this. I’m 100% average, everyday normal. The power of denial is strong.

  6. Soup is 100% my comfort food. It is the only thing I will eat when I am sick, and the food that I probably crave most often.

  7. Mmmm, beef stew. Or grilled cheese and tomato soup. Or butternut squash fries. Or roast chicken. I could go on. Actually one of my favorite comfort foods is air-popped popcorn with real butter and sea salt. So very good for the soul.

    By the way, I loved your comment about the yeast coupons. ❤

  8. you seriously secretly make THE most fiberlicious meals…you just don’t know it. I dig the way you use coupons and lentils. I ❤

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