Know what I haven’t posted in forever?  A recipe!  This one is a staple for fall and winter in our house, which, sadly, it’s starting to feel like outside some days.

Somewhere around two years ago, I first got it in my head to make my husband (who was, at that time, simply my boyfriend) enchiladas.

I was going to school, student teaching, and working.  The idea of a meal I could assemble ahead of time and pop into the oven after work seemed genius.

(I think this is the appeal of casseroles.  But I grew up in a house without casseroles, so they don’t pop into my head.  Baby Brother learned what a casserole was just last year.  Not even kidding.)

When I suggested it, he informed me he “didn’t like enchilada sauce”

My mommy had always made enchiladas that involved leftover chicken, and this fine red can

Mixed with some cheese and peppers?  It’s good.  I’m not above admitting that.

And so I did them like that.  And it worked.

Until my husband saw what the soup looked like straight out of the can


No way friends, no way.  It was, to quote him “scary”

So I had to invent a new way to make enchiladas.  Because I wasn’t going to back down from a meal that I could make while putting off homework on Sunday afternoon, and being able to toss it in the oven after a Monday full of Kindergarten.

Over time I’ve tweaked it, and it’s become something my husband loves.  And it uses up leftovers!  Win!

You mix up about two cups of chicken stock and 1 1/2 cup of sour cream
And add whatever seasonings you have hanging out.  If you’re using homemade stock (I do), it needs a little salt
Plus 1/4 c of flour or so.  While this is simmering away you dice up leftover chicken
And assemble your tortillas
Chicken goes in
If you’re feeling brave you can add zucchini, or other veggies
(But only to your own, unless you want to watch your husband pout his way though dinner)

Usually I use a can of these babies in my sauce
But right now I actually have roasted peppers in the freezer so I used them instead
Plus delicious cilantro
I let the sauce cook down a little, and add more flour if needed.  It doesn’t need to be super thick.

little bit of cheese + ladle of sauce into each tortilla
And the extra sauce + more cheese on top
Being careful to label the bad bad veggie ones

And then you can put them in the fridge and ignore them until two nights later, when you bake them at 425 until the cheese is all melty and lovely


  • 1 1/2 c sour cream
  • 2 c chicken stock
  • 1/4 c flour
  • about 3 c chicken
  • 8 tortillas
  • 1 1/4 c cheese
  • 1/4 c diced peppers, or one can
  • 1/3 c chopped cilantro
  • cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, and salt to taste
  • zucchini (optional)

Mix together stock, sour cream, and flour, and seasonings.  After mixture reaches a low boil, reduce heat and add the peppers and cilantro.

Place tortillas into a large baking dish.  If you’re smart (unlike me) spray the bottom of the pan with oil.  Divide up chicken evenly among tortillas, then add 1/4 c cheese to each (reserve remaining cheese for topping)

Spoon sauce into each tortilla, and roll up.  Top pan with additional sauce and remaining cheese.  Bake at 425 (I cover with foil for the first few minutes to prevent over-browning if it’s been refrigerated so that it has time to get warm) until cheese is melted.

Do you have any make ahead meals you love?


10 responses to “Enchiladas

  1. I love how you labeled the veggie ones! White enchiladas are my favorite, I hate to use the cream of chicken because I know it’s so very, very evil. This is an awesome idea, really. Thanks!

  2. bookmarking this. I love enchiladas.
    I like the cream of chicken soup. I put it in casseroles all the time. So bad yet so delicious. I haven’t used it in awhile though cause Andy is also disgusted by it.

  3. hahahah i love that you labeled the “bad veggie ones”….my mom has to label things for me so she know which things don’t have meat haha

    great recipe! I bet the leftovers taste deeeeelish

  4. This sounds great. I don’t make anything ahead of time- I usually either scramble or make a bunch to have leftovers- but not really ahead of time.

    I should do it one of these days so that I’m not cooking at 10:00 like I am now!

    Love the veggie labels too- don’t want to start a war!

  5. hahaha! Def loving this version better. In fact, I could just dig into a whole pan right now….

  6. This meal would be a HUGE hit in my house!!!!! I love the cilantro, and the sauce … and those tortillas look tasty, even on their own!!!!

  7. I must make this! It looks delicious 🙂

  8. why the hell did i never think to label the different ones that way?! genius. they look great.

  9. I like making huge batches of cookies, then rolling them into logs, wrapping them in wax paper, and freezing them. Then when you’re in the mood for cookies all you have to do is defrost, slice, and bake!

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