21 and Invincible

Guess who had a birthday?
Oh yeah,

Baby Brother!
Guess how old the birthday boy is now?

Here’s a hint:  his birthday ended with this
Yes, he’s sitting on the shoulder of a road.

Yup, Baby Brother turned 21!

Our mommy turns 60 in a few weeks, so the whole family went out to the Oregon Coast for the weekend and we celebrated both.

We had Pig and Pancake for breakfast.  If you’re on the coast you have to go to Pig and Pancake.  It’s a law.
He got a stylin’ piggy and balloons

And of course, what is a 21st without some beer?
And tequila shots that I wisely avoided.
We also learned that Baby Brother and  I are not good at darts

Happy Birthday to my favorite Baby Brother!


16 responses to “21 and Invincible

  1. whoaaaaaa 21 and invincible! Something Corporate reference?

    Happy birthday baby brother! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Awww happy birthday to him! God, 21, that’s sooooo old. He should just like retire and move to Wasilla or something

  3. happy birthday! at least yours was more fun than mine. on my 21st, i got my wisdom tooth pulled out and spent the rest of the day doped up on pain killers.

  4. hahhaahah good influence kalin!! jk. Happy birthday baby bro!

  5. Happy Birthday Baby Bro!!!!!!! only thing missing is a a baskin robbin bday cake!

  6. thank you!!
    and btw, do NOT remember sitting on the shoulder… lol

  7. I had no idea Baby Brother was so young! Like I’m one to talk, at 22, but he’s like, married and stuff. Now I feel like I’m behind the curve.

  8. LOL @ the dart picture 😉
    Looks like a fun time all around!

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