REALLY roughin’ it!

Guys, guess what I did this weekend


Like, in a tent.


Me + Nature = BFFs.

We went up to Manchester State Park, which is north of Tacoma on the Sound with some of my family.

We did a little hiking around. Both the husband and I are five, so we get really excited about weird trees
This area was some sort of military base back in the day, so there were some random things like this bunker Photobucket

Doesn’t it look like an Escher picture?
At low tide there was random sealife to seePhotobucket

I wanted to take one home, but the husband told me no.


The boys tried to climb a rock

Their wives watched and said it was impossible.  Which clearly was a challenge to keep trying.

We were telling the truth.

Thankfully they gave up before any head injuries were incurred.

In my family, one of the best parts of camping is making a fire.

I blame it on years of Boy Scouts.

My brothers would come home from camp with great new facts like “you can light hot chocolate mix on fire if you try hard enough” every summer.

Our dinner the first night was a classic boy scout style meal

Foil dinners!  I seriously love these.  Mine was beef, potatoes, carrots, squash, and mushrooms.  Yummmm.

(also see the beer can?  I never drink beer in cans.  This was exciting to me.  Rolling Rock tastes like college.)

For dessert we had dump cake.

Sexy name right?

More boy scout cooking:

Pie filling

(this was actually homemade peach.  Real boy scouts use cans)

A box of cake mix

And a can of soda

All cooked up on coals.

No pictures of the final product because I was busy eating it.  And really, the result isn’t that pretty.

Were you a scout?  I was a girl scout for 13 years.  But the camp I went to had beds.  Girl Scouts don’t have to rough it.

Do you have any camping foods you love?  I adore foil dinners, and smores!


11 responses to “REALLY roughin’ it!

  1. I was a boy scout. And I burned myself at a candle during a meeting. I was a special kind of scout.

  2. I grew up in a boy scout family, I learned to shun girl scouts. So I call my self an honorary boy scout. I went to a lot of those meetings when I was little with my brothers. When I grew up, I learned that girl scouts were ok. But I will always prefer boy scouts.

  3. I was in girl scouts for 10-12 years. We camped in the snow, on the beach and in extreme wind. We were hardcore. I loved those foil dinners too. YUM!

  4. Me and nature are more like Frenemies than BFFs, so I don’t think I’d like “camping,” as in, sleeping outside. But cooking things over fire sounds fun! I’ve only done marshmallows and hot dogs, and they were kind of lame.

  5. Ya know, I really am not a camping kind of girl, but it looks like you had a lot of fun! The bunker would have been a lot of fun to explore!

  6. Ahhhhhhh, how I love camping!!!! Those pics are making me miss summer already!

  7. OMFG. I made dump cake the other day…but i used buttah instead of the soda…delish. Anyways I can’t believe the hubs is turning you into a nature thing I know you are gonna be composting…wait..too late. BTW I was never a girl scout but I support them annually…

  8. Mmm, smores!! 🙂 I never eat hot dogs, but always want one cooked over a fire with a stick when camping… I bring my veggie dogs 🙂

    Making cake WHILE camping – that is awesome. I would have cake, but I would have probably made it at home, not thinking to make it THERE. 🙂 Yum!

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  10. The Great Outdoors and Me are POLAR OPPOSITES. I hate being outside in the summer and I DO NOT camp, I wish I did. I was also a girl scout, but we would stay in a lodge and we never really had to spend much time out in the buggy yucky weather. I am now 20 years old and I dont think I will EVER go camping again. It is just not my cup -o-tea!! 🙂
    I think when I was a girl scout my favorite meal was these sandwiches that you would press in a special tool and you could make any kind you wanted, my personal favorite was pepperoni pizza!! 🙂

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