Desserts with every meal.

Hello! Well I have a story for ya, once upon a time there was a really awesome kid, who would sometimes write blog posts on his big sisters blawg. Then he got lazy and fat more lazy and didn’t write anything for a long long time. [This is reason number 2 why I should not have my own blawg- I am lazy. …reason number 1 is cuz i have nothing of importance to say.] Well anyways, I got unlazy and wrote a delicious blawg post with desserts for every meal. I even drew my own title image on my iPad!


So the other day I was thinking about yogurt, and how scary it is. Seriously, advertising that “IT’S ALIVE” is scary. I’m all for food that has been alive in the past, but I am scared of things they put in big words on it LIVE AND ACTIVE.

none the less, thinking about yogurt and how it was weird and scary made me want it, so I made myself a healthy breakfast at work.

Frozen yogurt and strawberries is still fruit and yogurt, and is totally a healthy breakfast. Right?


My lovely wife just left to go study drink in Europe for a quarter.

[our wedding photo…]

anyways, before she left I went to Walla Walla to have lunch with her before she left. After lunch we headed to the Colville Street Patisserie for some dessert.

I had this amazing berry tart. There was also gelato… but I ate it too fast to take a picture.


I may work at baskin robbins, but I cant resist a DQ blizzard… especially when they come in MINI. For my dinner dessert the other day a co worker and I went to DQ for some delicious blizzards…

[funny story, EVERYONE working at DQ knew us, and EVERYONE made sure to tell us we werent supposed to be there since we work at Baskin Robbins lol]


Eating Machine just talked about loving fall and I gotta say, I was feeling the same way about fall the other night.

I went to starbucks and got hot coffee for the first time in months!

and for anyone who doesnt know yet, pumpkin spice latte is back!

(also, i got a job at my fav starbucks and start on tuesday! can you say free coffee!)

Today, while Eating Machine was roughing it camping with our brothers, I was at work and one of the freezers broke…

So we made a good sign to let people know it wasnt working!

Whats your favorite dessert?


5 responses to “Desserts with every meal.

  1. You know, after years of relying on Dairy Queen for our Blizzards, it occurred to us only last week that we have (a) ice cream, (b) Oreos, and (c) a blender, and that a + b + c = blizzards whenever we want. Genius right? Except now my pants don’t fit….

  2. thehungryscholar

    My favorite dessert is any pie with vanilla ice cream. I also consider it a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    This post rocked.

  3. I’m glad you are back baby bro! My favorite dessert is cake. Any kind of cake. Love cake.

  4. I love this blog post baby bro. Dessert is the best. My favorite dessert is anything with ice cream. YUM!

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