Waffles and Coffee

The other morning, on our way home from running my husband started telling me he was going to have “waffles and coffee” for breakfast.

Mind you, it was 6:20, and we leave the house between 6:45 and 6:50, and he needed to shower.

That didn’t deter him from “waffles and coffee, waffles and coffee” all the way home.

He started telling me “I’m going to start a blog.  And I’m going to call it waffles and coffee”

“Oh really?”

“And on that blog I’ll put pictures of my waffles and coffee!”

Clearly, Saturday morning I had no choice.  It was waffles and coffee day.

I’d picked up peanut flour at Trader Joes
When asked if peanut butter waffles would be ok with his coffee, my husband readily agreed.

The man loves peanut butter.  First time I made him oats with peanut butter he kept telling me it was “like eating a cookie for breakfast”.

So I rounded up my ingredients

And tried to keep the cat from taste testing too much
The cat will eat anything. It’s like I have a catdog.

Waffles of course need toppings
It’s HFCS breakfast syrup in the agave bottle.  The husband is from Kansas.  He doesn’t do maple syrup. Plus real syrup for me, blackberry jam, and PB yogurt

I divided my waffle into two halves.

Peanut butter (waffles) and jelly
And PB yogurt I made by mixing greek yogurt + peanut flour + maple syrup

The waffles didn’t taste super peanut buttery-it was kinda a subtle peanut taste.  But they were delicious.  And most importantly…

We had waffles and coffee!

What do you like on waffles?  I’m mostly a fruit and whipped cream person.  Because I love anything I can coat in whipped cream.

Wow.  That sounds dirty.

Seriously, like I’d waste whipped cream using it for dirty things.  I have priorities people.

Does anyone else have the TJs peanut flour?  What else can I make with it?  I’ve been making pb yogurt like it’s my job, but I feel like there’s probably more uses than just that.


8 responses to “Waffles and Coffee

  1. I hate to admit it but I LOVE those crappy syrup cherries, aka sugar nuggets in sugar sauce. I try to stay away though…I’d love to try to make a fresh(er) version with a black cherry compote – and whipped cream, of course!

  2. For waffles, I’m strictly syrup. For pancakes, I’ll do butter, conserves, PB, anything really. It has to do with spreadability–anything you put on a waffle gets stuck in those little grooves, which I suppose is the point, but I like my jams to be distributed uniformly. I’m pretty picky when it comes to breakfast foods.

  3. I haven’t seen that peanut flour! Now I need to go back to Trader Joe’s!

  4. peanut flour is taking over the world! your waffles look good. i love topping waffles with PB & J rather than syrup.. but adding syrup to the PByogurt mixture sounds like it would be tasty.

  5. “Seriously, like I’d waste whipped cream using it for dirty things. I have priorities people.”- I snorted when I read this at work. Another reason for my coworkers to not like me

    I love peanut flour! I have made spicy peanut sauce with it- but otherwise, overnight oats, pb yogurt, mixed it with cocoa powder for pb chocolate mousse…oh the possibilities!

  6. I keep hearing about that peanut flour! I feel an impulse purchase coming on, except I already have quinoa flour and teff flour that I bought without knowing what I’d do with it.

  7. I never even knew you could get flour from peanuts! Very cool!

  8. i like this waffles and coffee blog idea.

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