Street Tacos

Costco is a dangerous place to go some days.

You know how you’ll wander around, and suddenly you sample something and it just has to come home with you?

And you didn’t need it 30 seconds earlier

But now?

You’re making laps around the aisle and hoping the sample lady doesn’t realize this is the 4th time you’ve been there.

I had that happen last weekend with these

Uncooked tortillas.

You heat them up at home.

And then you have warm, fresh, amazing tortillas.

I’m kinda having a moment like this right now

(from xkcd)

Warm tortillas WHENEVER I WANT.  It’s bad.

I needed to make some meals with them so at least my husband would help me eat them up.

Because like all things from Costco it came in a huge pack.  And if I’m getting fat I’m at least not doing it alone.

I had some pork in the freezer that I had thought I’d make pulled pork with.  Seeing the giant pack of tortillas gave me a different idea though.

Canitas Street tacos!

A while ago, we started seeing signs at Taco Time (we drive by one to get the husband to his vanpool) for “street tacos”

We finally realized they meant taco truck style tacos, and not just weird dirty food

And now Taco Bell is trying to do it too
Taco Bell Cantina Tacos Pictures, Images and Photos

This has lead to my husband becoming a big fan of saying the phrase “street tacos”

When I told him I was making carnitas for dinner he said “street tacos?!”

Yes baby, street tacos.

I cooked the pork in the crockpot with some chicken broth and spices. (Trues story:  looking for recipes I discovered that traditionally carnitas are made by braising the meat in lard.  I put in a tablespoon of butter with the chicken broth and called it good instead)
Right before dinner I shredded it and put it on the grill to give it crispy edges Photobucket

The street tacos I love always have three important things

Cilantro, limes, and raw onion.
We grilled up some corn to go on them too, and avocados.  Plus rice and black beans on the sidePhotobucket

Heaven my friends, heaven.

What’s your favorite Mexican food?  I love chicken tacos from taquerias and taco trucks, and in restaurants I seriously love the rice and beans.

(I think because the beans are made with lardddddd)


9 responses to “Street Tacos

  1. Cheese or chicken enchiladas! But I love all things pork too.

  2. Ahahaha, I had never seen that XKCD comic but I can relate So. Bad.

  3. i always buy those tortillas. they are just so good! i usually freeze the rest. wrap it in saran wrap then wrap in foil. itll be good for ages.

  4. Holy crap – we’re moving to Portland just so we can come over and have dinner at your house!

    You know what’s funny about that comic? You don’t even have to COOK bacon anymore! I have pre-cooked bacon in my fridge RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  5. I’m ashamed to say, though I grew up in Southern California I have very limited experience with Mexican food. When I was little we would go to Del Taco…and I would order a cheeseburger. When I got older I developed tummy issues that don’t do well with spice, and then I moved to a state where “Mexican” is some gross watery beans and tomatoes in a soggy tortilla submerged in cheddar cheese in the hopes that no one can tell.

  6. Cilantro, Limes, and Raw Onion you say!!!!!!? You are now my BFF. Us like minded people must stick together 🙂

  7. So I always go to Costco with a list. And then I come back with everything on the list, plus much much more. Costco IS a dangerous place.

  8. dude street tacos are totally what I grew up with!! DELICIOUSSS..the more lime, the spicer, the bettaaaaa. OMG so hungry now. Oh need to take me there when I visit portland..priorities. Fave mexican food are Gorditas…so fried so good…REAL gorditas..not taco bell shizzle

  9. i am IN LOVE with that graph and really this post overall 🙂 mmmmmmm…almost homemade tortillas are a great buy!

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