Not on a Boat

After dinner, we continued our roughin’ it at our hotel
PhotobucketHotel bathrobes?  Heck yes.

There was a rule about no glass in the hot tub.  Can you take a wild wild guess what’s in our coffee cups?

Romance friends, is Friday nights with  a paper cup full of wine in a hot tub.  I swear.

We actually got outdoorsy the next day, and went on a hike.  It was by a very pretty lake

It was perfect weather-sunny, but not hot
I got all excited about the flowers

Then realized flowers are full of bees.

Clearly I went to college.

The view was redic

The only problem?

My husband started staring at the boats on the lake.  And came to the conclusion he reallllly realllly wants a canoe.

Never mind that our one car is not so much made for hauling anything.

I have found him searching Craigslist since we got back for one.

We NEED it.

You know, for all that camping we do.

On our way back into town we stopped off for something that made me feel like I was 5 in the best possible way.

The mechanic who worked on our car had told my husband that there was a place with stocked ponds where you could fish for trout.

And then pay for the trout of course.

It’s possibly not the most cost effective use of one’s money.  But seeing as how we don’t own fishing poles.  Or have fishing licenses…. Real fishing would’ve cost more.

And probably made my husband think we need a boat too.
Stocked ponds = successful fishing

When I was a kid there was a pond in Surreal America that was stocked with fish that only kids could fish in.  I remember my daddy hooking the worm on for me and helping me cast.

Now I’m a grown married woman, so I can cast by myself.

(and make my husband put the worm on.  I’m not THAT grown up)
This totally brought it all back though

I totally got 5 year old excited when I caught onePhotobucket

Then I immediately caught another.  And my husband caught one.

And we realized that paying per fish would get expensive if we stayed for any amount of time.

So we paid and had our fish cleaned ($16 for three of ’em-they charge by the length of the fish)  and headed on home.

I kinda wanted to fish longer.

Maybe we do need a boat….

What’s something that makes you feel like a kid?  I still love going on swings in the park.

6 responses to “Not on a Boat

  1. hubby wants a pontoon and im just bracing myself for more fishing stuff to come. he recently decided he wants to take on fishing and we have spent ridiculous amounts of $$$ for fishing stuff.

    you should change his mind now before he begins to look at real boats to buy and a real truck to haul the boat!

  2. Seriously- husbands must be out on a water sport bender these days. Mine wants a boat and he demanded we get him a surfboard too. I’m kinda good with being on boats, as long as I don’t get wet. The water is too cold!

    I love that you fished together- so cute…and how excited you got!
    Amusement parks, swings, and going out for ice cream make me feel like a kid!

  3. I want to hang out with you guys. That is all.

  4. I feel like a kid when I am water sliding, tubing, water skiing etc. … basically any water sport makes me feel 8 again 🙂

  5. So, I just found your blog because a post about Fred Meyer came up when I Googled “Fred Meyer bread machine.” I really like your writing! I think I was sold when I saw the waterfront Costco.
    Anyway, reading about Mount Hood is making me anxious to go there for more than just a day trip. Is that Trillium Lake in the pictures?

  6. btw i can’t believe you went to this gorgeous place less than a month after your wedding!! AND goverment discounts!! Anyways, great job fishing and hiding in bella and edward’s field. What makes me feel like a kid is going to the community library..I use to LOVE going there as a kid and even now! i’m a nerd!

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