Roughin’ It

This weekend, the husband and I went on a trip to Mt Hood.
Who can prevent forest fires?
We can prevent forest fires!

The husband had friday off (furlough day) so we got out of town for the night.  We originally were going to stay in a yurt.  You know, rough it a little.  (We lack things like sleeping bags and a tent to actually go camping).

But the yurts booked up.


We reallllllly roughed it

The husband had stayed at The Resort at the Mountain for a conference a few months ago, and they had ballin’ government rates.

So really, it was cheaper than buying a tent.   God wanted us to have running water.

We did pack a lunch for our first meal up there
Which we ate at Timberline Lodge.  I took a picture of our gorgeous lunch view, but it’s blurry.  Fail.

We had dinner at the Zigzag Inn.

I was amused by the little phone booth type thing there:


Zigzag is totally the name of the town.  I want to move there, just so my address will be Zigzag Oregon.

It was great!  We had stellar service.  See this pizza?
See how it has terrifying (if you’re my husband at least) mushrooms?

We ordered a pizza that normally has ’em, and asked for none on half.  The kitchen messed up and our waitress realized it when she set the pizza down.  We were fine with it (mushrooms are pretty easy to pick off) but she insisted on making us an extra pizza to take home.

I enjoy free food.

We also shared some lasagna
Soooo much more food than we needed!  (We had salad too.)

And we found a bear!
I have a thing for fake animals outside restaurants.  It’s not weird at all.

Plus, know how you can tell it was reallllly good?  We found this in the parking lot
Oh yeah.  We eat where the diplomats eat.

Thoughts on camping?  I really like the idea of it.  But I haven’t went since I was like, 14 or something.  We’re going in a few weeks.  We shall see how that goes.


11 responses to “Roughin’ It

  1. dude. I totally want to stay in a yurt. In Big Sur, California especially. It looks like a blast.

    Zigzag, Oregon would be a fantastic place to call home. I’ve got to go!
    And personally, I love camping for a day or two. that’s about all I can handle and I need a lot of alcohol. And someone else’s tent.

  2. Love Zigzag and Welches, too! Have you decided where you’re camping in a few weeks? Just went camping at Cape Kiwanda out by Pacific City – so so beautiful, and Pelican Brewery is close by, so you don’t have to rough it the whole time 🙂

  3. I like the idea of camping. But I don’t like camping. Weird.
    That hotel room IS balling.

  4. i’ve been craving pizza like no other..thanks for making me eat 1/4 of my arm with those pics. camping ? Um..not my thing..unless it’s like the type of camping where they have REAL restrooms and showers a few feet away. ps. i hate you and your govt discount/insurance/etc! IT’S RIDIC! i’m jealous

  5. I would absolutely hate camping, because I can’t sleep unless I’m in a safe, fluffy bed with a lock on the door to keep out the ax-wielding crazies…and the bears.

    But I LOVE to spend days in national or state forests like that. Indiana forests are kind of lame, though. Other people who grew up in California and moved to the Midwest probably miss the beach…I miss the mountains. La sigh.

  6. I have never gone camping but have always wanted to. I used to work in the camping dept in Sears and I used to get so jealous of all the people buying things. And to make matters worse, my dad took my two little sisters camping this weekend! nope I am not hating! lol

  7. That cheese on the lasagna is killing me – in a good way!!!!!!!!! I want it!!!!

  8. next time you’re up at the mountain, go to El Burro Loco in Welches – BEST Mexican food. The carnitas are amazing.

  9. thehungryscholar

    I don’t camp. EVER. The end.

  10. Awesome! If we move down there, can we go “camping” with you guys?

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