The Best Wedding Gift

Guys, I’ve been an old married lady for a whole month now!

(Yes, Baby Brother, I’ve been old for far longer)

Getting married means you get lots of fun new things.  You also get two crockpots you didn’t register for, but that’s beside the point.

I have a food processor now, and it’s become what was missing in my life.  We’re besties.  It makes me banana soft serve
And also makes me pie crust.  To fill with pudding and strawberries
Or more banana soft serve!

We  also got a picnic basket and blanket
And used them to have a picnic a few weeks ago
(guac = food processor.  pesto on the pasta salad = food processor.  cookie = mixer.  love the new toys)

But… I got to use the thing I’d been most excited about using since tying the knot.

New dishes?  A mixer?  Large checks foolishly made out only to me and not my husband?

Nope friends, I was using THIS
True story:  I haven’t had health insurance in over a year.  I’d been staying healthy the old fashioned what since finishing grad school.  You know, doing things like eating my veggies, taking my vitamins, and driving across state lines for allergy meds.

But now friends I can sky dive and eat candy for breakfast!

Know what I got at the doctors?

Prescription headache meds!  For a DOLLAR!  Health insurance rocks!
(Also, how big is Takeout now?  Unreal.  She’s 5 1/2 pounds now.  When we brought her home she was 1 1/2 pounds!)

So friends, what’s your favorite kitchen appliance?

And let’s be honest…. when was the last time you saw a doctor?


12 responses to “The Best Wedding Gift

  1. I love my food processor. It’s only beat out by my ice cream maker. Anything that spits out ice cream is too good not to love.

  2. ok, because i have insurance through my job, last time i saw a doctor was in the spring…regular lady visits…love em!

    fave appliance has to be my mixer that I bought for myself, but I also like my immersion blender, and then theres the food processor….aw heck I love em all.

  3. I never think to make banana soft serve! I’m so dumb. I have some bananas though so I’ll try it this week!

    That picnic looks delicious. I want to have a picnic.

    Yes, married health insurance WINS!

  4. Yay for health insurance and appliances! I use both far too frequently.

  5. ummm your silly health care is only the best present you got cuz you havent gotten your wedding present from me yet! (imma get you 3 crockpots)

  6. My favourite kitchen appliance is my Vita-Mix.

    I saw a doctor twice in the last couple weeks, once for my ankle, and another time for a birth control prescription. Luckily health care is free in Canada.

  7. I actually hate going to the dr and taking meds! I’m a hypocrite! I love your yummy wife duties! My fave appliance is my vegetable peeler! I use it all the time! Yes I’m lame!

  8. Not sure if you would consider it an appliance but I’m in major love with my microplane! I use it for everything!

  9. I will echo that health insurance is awesome and since getting really nice health insurance Amanda and I are taking advantage of it. Proof: my arm has a big cut on it.

    And you can’t go wrong with a Kitchenaid Mixer. It does everything. It does our taxes.

  10. oh man…well, i actually went earlier this year when i was extremely sick with allergies. not fun! congrats on the month of marriage…i remember how excited i was at that point!

  11. OMG your cats name is takeout. love it.

    shes so purdy.

    I hate the doctor. but i love health insurance.

    If i could get a kitchen aid mixer for getting married, i will marry my tv. i think thats legal.

  12. I am so lucky with my health insurance. My insurance is through my dads job and pays for everything. I go to the doctors weekly, yuck. I have to go for weight checks, blood work, therapy, and nutrition. I wish I didnt have to go so much, but I am devoted to recovery and luckily my insurance covers all of the costs. I mean in the past 10 years, I have spend about 4 months a year in a treatment center, but luckily I have found the desire for recovery. I am glad that you finally have insurance and are able to go in for yearly check ups and for emergencies!! 🙂

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