Honeymoon, part 2

So, the second morning we were in Hawaii I was woken up by this

Yes, that’s a text from Baby Brother telling me to go to Starbucks.  At 7:14 am.  (And yes, he’s really in my phone as “Baby Brother”.  Josh is in there as “Husband”, and previously was “Boyfriend”.  I like descriptive names)

Clearly, if something was so good you have to wake your sister up on her honeymoon to tell her about it, it must be tried

It was a mocha coconut frappachino. It tasted like girl scout cookies!  Pretty good.

(wake me up on my honeymoon good?  that I’m not sure on….)

We also had to try something the husband was curious about

Spam, eggs, and rice.  From McDonalds.

He was more skeptical of the eggs than the Spam.  Not kidding.

He liked it.

I tried the smallest bite possible.  I’m not the biggest meat eater in general.  Spam at 8 am just didn’t sound that good.

Then we went and got a rental car to explore more of Oahu (we’re both fans of not driving when it can be avoided, so we stayed somewhere that walking/buses were easy to do most of the time, and just got a car for one day.)

We drove through the Dole plantation

Where we learned something that blew our minds

You ready for this guys?


They don’t grow on trees!!!!

Madness.  Seriously.  Minds.  Blown.

We went here because the sign was pretty

It was a super cute little town

After I took a picture of the surfboard garden I saw a sign saying no pictures.  Whoops.

There was a L&L there, so we stopped for lunch.  Josh was excited because it was kinda super sketchy looking, and we were the only white people there.

See how high quality the signage was inside?

We got a plate lunch with terryaki beef, a hamburger steak, and something else that I forget right now



And possibly just as sketchy as our breakfast meat.

Have you ever eaten spam?

Did you know pineapples don’t grow on trees?


11 responses to “Honeymoon, part 2

  1. I visited a pineapple farm in Costa Rica, and it was pretty awesome. Another shocker is seeing REAL sugar cane. Like woh. We drank sugar cane juice, which looking back must have had 1000 calories from sugar, and it really wasn’t good at all.

  2. a. spam is the greatest invention ever.
    b. L&L is the greatest sketchy retaurant ever. you guys should have had the chicken katsu too… and instead of rice, fried noodles…man i should have tagged along on your honeymoon and been your guide…lol.

    yes i was well aware pineapples didnt grow on trees..lol. i remember when i was younger my dad used to take us on little outings to pick pineapples. those darn leaves are really sharp.

  3. I had no idea pineapples didn’t grow on trees. This is officially the most worthwhile blog I’ve read all day.

  4. As a Filipino w/family from Hawaii, I grew up on Spam. I love it. When people say they won’t eat Spam, but will eat a hot dog, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re the same thing!

  5. I had that EXACT same mind-blowing learning experience when I went to Hawaii. It was like learning that cows are hatched from eggs or something. Unreal. Fried spam is delicious as long as you eat it out camping and you are starving for breakfast.

  6. I’ve been to Hawaii 3 times and never had spam or went to a pineapple plantation. And I call myself an American.

    I’m dying to know what I am in your phone. Mama Pea? or Vegan MILF?

  7. omg! Andy and I went to that L&L. Totally sketch. The lady we ordered from just yelled our order out in the weirdest voice ever. But the food was surprisingly delicious.

  8. not gonna lie. I see on man v food and the travel channel all those meaty dishes in hawaii and I wanna try ’em soo bad. I grew up on spam (yeah I’m fancy like that) so I heart it!!! I’ve even tried spam SUSHI! hahah well I guess it’s technically not sushi. Anyways, I want more meat piccsssss…meat as in food, not as in HUBBY

  9. Totally did not know that about pineapples!

    Also, I need that mocha coconut thing. Now 🙂

  10. ummm i was in a dif time zone than normal. and you were in a dif time zone the opposite way. it was like noon for me. soooo didnt realize it was 7 in hawaii!

  11. Hehe – the hubby and I went to Hawaii and went to the Dole Pineapple Factory – we loved telling people that pineapples are flowers that grow on the ground, not on trees!! It shocked everyone!

    I need to fly to Hawaii RIGHT NOW for a coconut frap – I am missing out.

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