When we booked our honeymoon, it was still more or less winter in Portland.

It was also the end of May.

I hate you Portland weather.

Sunshine sounded like the best choice EVER.

Then it finally started getting nice, and I wondered if I would still be as excited about Hawaii.

The day we left?

Portland wanted to make sure I really appreciated Hawaii.

I mean, we went from that to these views

Diamond head to our left

Ala Mona to the right

And Waikiki in the middle.

Redic, right?

(Room itself?  Not so fancy.  But the views?  Amazzzzing)

We were on the 37th floor of this thang

Once we checked in, we walked around a bit and found…

Umbrella drinks!  For $3.50!

The fiance My husband (totally just typed fiance there.  Still getting use to this!)  tried to be a man or something, and had a beer

Silly choice.

I mean, my drink came with pineapple.  I got a snack AND booze.

And it cost less.

Winner winner pineapple dinner.

The next day we hiked Diamond Head

This sign there amused me

Confusing fact:  Diamond Head looks remarkably like Surreal America.

Seriously.  Weird.

But there were cool trees

We don’t have trees in Surreal America

Like seriously, we don’t.  Shrub-Steppe ecosystem yo.

Married people, were did you go on your honeymoon?  Singles, where do you want to go?

I totally wanted France, but Josh had to be back at work last week.  And trying to do anywhere in Europe for only a couple days would be lame, you know?


12 responses to “Honeymoon!

  1. Hawaii looks so nice and peaceful. I definitely want to go to Greek isles sometime.

  2. so beautiful! That’s one place I want to go.

    We had a very low key honeymoon and it was perfect! We stayed at my uncle’s cottage in the Outer Banks, where I grew up taking summer vacations. It was awesome.

    But now I want to travel everywhere! Italy, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Australia…

  3. Looks like so much fun. Seriously, your man needs to get on the fruity drink bandwagon. Drink plus snack >beer!

    I went to Costa Rica. And loved it. And blogged about it like a million times. I want to go back!

  4. aw, you just made me SO homesick. i have been back in 5years. i just want to cry and curl up in a fetal position with your pictures…oh my wonderful beaches and ala moana, I love you even though I almost drowned there once…

  5. We went to Disneyworld with a trip to Japan on the back burner. We’ve been back to Disneyworld 6 times but have yet to make it to Japan.

    Yum – pineapple drinks!

  6. That tree is RIDICULOUSLY cool!!!! I love the picture – you should totally frame it!

  7. More honeymoon pictures! More honeymoon pictures!

    I went to Ala Moana all of ze time. Love Hawaii. Smart move not going to Europe, I think a European vaca demands at least 2 weeks.

  8. Oh that’s gorgeous!

    I’d love to go to Italy on my honeymoon…even better if the husband is Italian himself 😉

  9. omg I want to go to france too. Looks beautiful and fun!! Love the random baby bro pic!

  10. Diamondhead was nuts wasn’t it? I saw people running up it. Psychos!

    I want to go to Ireland or France on our next trip. It better happen…or else.

  11. thehungryscholar

    Yay for honeymoon! I have no idea where I want to honeymoon, because I cannot even imagine marriage now. Ha.

  12. laughin my ass off at the snack and drink comment!
    you are too cute!

    LOVE that you called him fiance! you is a married lady now.

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