Final Wedding Post

(ok that’s a lie, I get my pro pictures soon… we haven’t heard the last of my wedding)

The reception was great…. It was at the community center, which is in the middle of a park.  So we took pictures all over the park and people rode around in the trolley, and then it was time to go inside to the AC.

Sweet, beautiful AC.  I love you.

Our best man’s speech involved talking about how about a week after we met (Husband and I met as roommates) we figured out we wanted to date

…then my dad got up for his toast

“One week, huh?”

Sorry daddy!

I just want to show off the awesome that was my uncle’s attire

Yeah, that’s an orange Harley shirt, paired with Wranglers.  And a little bit of a mullet.  (He’s also the grandfather of the older flower girl, being held by her grandma in that picture)

My brother-made cupcakes + a cutting cake

The topper made us think of Portland, which is why we picked it.

(Did you know they make pregnant bride cake toppers? NOT KIDDING)

Oh, on the subject of brothers, I should point out I have not one

Not two

But THREE brothers

All of whom were awesome helpers at my wedding.

Anyways…. We cut the cake

And guys, here’s the saddest part of my wedding-that little bite the bride and groom feed each other?  That is the ONLY CAKE I ATE ALL NIGHT.

I’m a little ashamed, not going to lie.

I rocked out with my flower girls

My bouquet was caught by someone I’ve know seriously as far back as I can remember.  We went to both pre school and college together

(fun fact:  my hair doesn’t so much like to hold a curl in general.  getting sweaty taking pictures = straight hair.  so I just rocked the veil all night.  it worked)

And at the end of the night…. we went to a bar

(Hi Liz!   Everyone, it’s Liz’s birthday!  Happy quarter century ex-wife!  Go tell her happy birthday!)

And…. somewhere in there, this happened

Leading to the first time of many that I’ve said “I married you.  Willingly.  I married you.”

And my dear darling husband has just laughed.


9 responses to “Final Wedding Post

  1. i dont think ill get sick of your wedding posts, so keep them coming mrs!

    love your uncles get-up.

  2. Your wedding looks like it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!

  3. we are modelz fo sho.

  4. He’s a keeper! But then again, so are you.

    Miss you!

  5. I have 3 sisters and a brother. i don’t think I would have survived 3 brothers.

    I seriously love your uncle’s outfit.

  6. Omg. I can’t stop smiling!! And btw I guess it’s true when they say “you dont get to eat at your own wedding”…and did baby bro really make those cupcakes??? WHATTTT

  7. OMG only you would go to a bar after your wedding reception! this is why we love you!!!!!

    so did baby bro make those cupcakes???

    I can’t believe that your uncle wore that…at least he stands out =) yay for him! nay for you! lol

  8. I’m on your blog, and I didn’t even know you had a blog! Your wedding was so lovely. I especially liked the part where we all modeled your veil in the bar. 🙂

  9. What community center did you have the reception at?

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