Wedding, Take 2

Day of the wedding, some members of the wedding party were super excited

That’d be one of my flower girls, passed out in a pew at the church.  About half an hour before the ceremony.

Wedding started… Josh walked his mommy to her seat

Thankfully by this time we had two conscious flower girls.  Who were fairly convinced this was their show.

Direct quote from the older one “We all look like princesses!”

They’re 2 and 3 (and the 2 year old had her birthday like, three days before the wedding).  I was skeptical they’d make it down.  But they did.

Upon reaching the front the older one announced “Now I pick them up!” and started retrieving her petals.

Like I said, it was their show.

This was a good thing because I was just starting down

and I’m totally a crier.  Laughing at the flower girl trying to refill her basket helped stop that a little.

We did our thang

It was a Catholic wedding.  This means several things:  no playing Here Comes the Bride, no saying “who gives this woman”, you don’t say “I do”, and they don’t pronounce you man and wife.   Watch for it next time you’re at a Catholic wedding.

Then we peaced out

Signed the papers so we were, you know, legally married and stuff, and made our getaway

And guess what time it was

Time to start drinking, clearly.

The guy from the trolley had asked me if I wanted sparkling cider or champagne.

Is that even a question?

Poor flower girl had to settle for water.   You can tell she thought that was lame.

But the trolley was fun

And, clearly, badass

Then we took a million and three pictures in the park with our photographers, and it was reception time

10 responses to “Wedding, Take 2

  1. Drunk trolley?! So fun and dare I say classy?! U look so pretty!

  2. I ADORE the picture of you and your dad. Just beautiful.

  3. you got a drinking trolley?! how awesome.

    lol @ catholic weddings.

  4. Adorable! I love how much you embraced drinking in the celebrating 🙂

  5. You look so beautiful!!!!! I love that you guys had a trolley, that is so original! love it

  6. You look stunning! I am a crier too and it was bad. I bawled down that aisle!

  7. Love it! You looked so beautiful and the husband looked quite dapper in his purple tie.

    I didn’t cry at my wedding, never said I do, and a bunch of other stuff. Plus, we were facing the audience. it was bizarre!

  8. I love your hair – you made a BEAUTIFUL bride. Cute ride too!!!

  9. thehungryscholar

    You look hot. What a lucky man! 🙂

  10. Aww the flower girls are so young! I wonder if they’ll remember the ceremony when they’re older.

    Love your hair!

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