Home again, home again

Hey everyone!  We’re back!

Real post soon, but for now, two of the best pictures from our honeymoon….

We went to a really special, romantic spot….


(Kalin and Josh:  setting the bar for romance since 2007)

And my favorite picture of all

We’re on a boat.

Drinking from pineapples.

And those pineapples are full of booze

Real post soon!


13 responses to “Home again, home again

  1. cool hawaiian gear… wonder where you got it… maybe from that first picture? lol

  2. You guys are so cute – every picture of the two of you together that you post, you can tell that you just have mad amounts of fun together.

  3. I love you guys. And costco. And booze filled pineapples.

  4. I’m glad you are back! More glad than you are- I think! I want to see more wedding pictures please and thank you!

    I love that you have the pineapples full of booze. On a boat.

  5. You guys are the epitome of class. I love it!

  6. the last pic of you guys looks photoshopped! Can’t wait for a recap!

  7. love the pictures 🙂 welcome back!!!

  8. A normal person would be jealous of that tropical ocean background, but I’m mostly salivating over that dress! And the pineapple. I’ve drunk from a coconut shell, but never a pineapple.

  9. What Mama Pea said!

  10. welcome back! can’t wait to hear more about the honeymoon 🙂 there was a costco in cabo, we wanted to stop just to see what they had but we didnt. so funny you went!

  11. cant wait to read more about your trip.

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