Hot in Herre

Lordy friends.

Summer has hit Portland.

And by hit I’m talking we just got punched in the face by heat.  Teach us to complain about the lack of summer.

We deal with heat in different ways.

Lots of salad
Grilling dinner
(weird but true:  I was hardcore craving beef, but not bread.  Hence the bun-less burger.  Sometimes, I get a little anemic, and crave beef and/or spinach.  My body.  It knows.)

Enjoying food from the garden

(when you realize how many peas you get out of a million pea pods it’s a little sad)

(Seriously. We ate a bowl of cold, cooked peas the other night. It was amazing.)

Eating cold breakfasts
(That looks gross huh?  Yogurt + grapes + walnuts + honey + lemon juice.  I like it.)

And some days, drinking breakfast
The cat hasn’t realized it’s too hot to cuddle, and instead sprawls like this
“I must be with you!  But not touch too much!”

She’s advanced for her age.

And, most important to beating the heat?

Not sweating when you find this
In your bangs.


It’s my third one.

Not that I’m counting.

What’s your favorite meal to make when it’s hot?  I’ve had a big ol salad for lunch every day this week.  Anything else and the warm food + warm weather means I can’t sit on the deck.


13 responses to “Hot in Herre

  1. I’ll eat warm food year round. Although I’m liking greek yogurt right before bed now because it reminds me of ice cream

  2. I love grilling out in the summer 🙂 I’ve got very low iron as well (never been tested for anemia, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility), and I get big ol’ cravings for spinach too!

  3. we haz air conditioning again!

    i hope ALL your hair turns white before the wedding.

  4. My body gets like that too. I crave red meat randomly at the strangest times!

  5. I totally find white hairs all the time. Yikes!

  6. No shizz, it’s hot!!! I plucked about 13 hairs today. I’m going to keep going lighter and lighter until they are unnoticeable. I’ll be platinum the next time you see me 🙂

    PS I’m on the hunt for your frames.

  7. you are HILARIOUS…low 90s is HOTT? Come to Texas where it’s 100 degrees everyday…and people are obese!

  8. At least the humidity shouldn’t be too bad…you’re right next to the ocean! Indiana from June to October is like a rainforest, sans malaria. Oddly, my consumption of cold foods does not rise despite the heat; I’ve had hot oatmeal for breakfast for the past two days. The tummy gets what the tummy wants.

    I like the sound of your yogurt/grapes/walnuts concoction, though I haven’t tried it. It’s like a breakfast-edition Waldorf salad.

  9. thehungryscholar

    That white hair part was hilarious. Not that I wish that upon you, but because your perspective on life is funny. Right. okay…

  10. Don’t worry, every bride has to go through some white hairs before their wedding day. After all the stress, who won’t?

  11. Lady, I have no idea what my natural hair color is because I have been finding white hairs since 18. I’m too vain to know how many there are between the 6-8 weeks in between appointments!

    Um…I think I eat salad when it’s hot. And lots of frozen yogurt. Or I use the weather as an excuse.

  12. My body does the same thing!
    That breakfast actually looks good to meee

  13. ah, totally hot here in portland… I’ve been drinking my breakfasts also (much healthier than it sounds – wow!) 🙂 and eating many salads.

    my pup is the same way… his hot body still wants to sit in my lap.

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