Home Grown

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!  We just got back from surreal america, doing some last bits of wedding planning because it’s LESS THAN TWO WEEKS till we’re married!!

Thankfully, we’ve got some good weather coming up, so I can distract myself with yard work.

If you look at my yard, you can tell I have a green thumb
Weeds are green guys.  They’re green.

I’ve never had a full real yard in Portland before, so I’m learning as I go.  One thing I learned-if you wait to try and kill the weeds till it’s not raining, you’ll have a weed JUNGLE to kill.

Also, next year we need to order bark sooner.  We were going to, which would keep the weeds down for the most part, but we kept putting it off and now…

Well, there’s a weed jungle.  I feel like bark would be no match for that.

Some of my yard is actually growing useful things though!

See these babies??
I grew them!  I’ve had strawberry plants for a few years, but this year there’s enough to actually make a whole dessert from them (as opposed to “oh look, two strawberries” thing I had going on for the past few years)

Also growing?

When I was planting the peas (in February!) I was worried they wouldn’t sprout, so I planted a tonnnn.  My worries were unfounded, although I should’ve spread them out more.  Whoops.  Next year I’m planting more.

We’ve been cooking them up in their pods for stir-fry

And I shelled and boiled some for dinner recently, along with roasted fingerlings and a chicken sausage
See how there’s two?
That’s because I forgot what I was doing, and overcooked the first ones.  I wanted the fiance to understand the goodness of fresh peas, so I went out, picked more, and made those perfect.  Then salvaged the overcooked ones by adding tons of garlic and pepper.  If you can’t have the texture right, at least make ’em tasty…

(The fiance loveddd the fresh ones-they’re fantastic)

And my laziest gardening?
Basil.  Thank you giant plants at Trader Joes for $3.  But I’m keeping it alive, so it’s like I grew it, right?

Fresh basil is heaven.  I want it in everything.  Like Friday’s breakfast:
Strawberries from the garden + baby quiche made with fresh basil (there’s more inside, but I like the little pop of basil on top), bacon, and mozzarella.  Love it.

Do you have a garden?


13 responses to “Home Grown

  1. PEAS!

    I bet those are the best tasting strawberries in the entire world.

    Two weeks…crazy!!! If you need anything, any errands run, cake tasted, let me know!

  2. Impressive! We do have a garden, but I do nothing but eat the goods.

    I’m with mama pea’s comment. 2 weeks! Holy crap! I’m around for web support- let me know if you need anything. I have a bunch of ridiculous stuff left from my wedding last year.

  3. Wow so impressed you have a garden! We do not. I bet everything would die if we did.

  4. I can’t have a garden because I live in an apartment complex, and they won’t so much as allow us to put window treatments up. I wish I could try my hand at it though. I love fresh basil; I buy the little wilting ones at the store that need to be kept in water and used within like two days before they die. It’s a temporary happiness, but it’s something.

  5. Your peas look excellent. We have tomatoes, but that’s it.

  6. Your strawberries, peas, and basil are all VERY impressive!!!

    I am growing peas, peppers, tomatoes, basil, oregano, chives, cilantro, and mint.

  7. seriously…i can never have my bf meet you cause i think you are a “natural” in the kitchen..i’m threatened by the deliciously fresh meals you cook for THE MAN. BTW I can’t believe it’s coming so soon!! EEEEKKK

  8. i love that you have a garden. im kinda jealous.
    I have a mini herb garden in my apartment and manage to grow basil, parsely, and chives. but thats about all i grow.

  9. thehungryscholar

    I’ve never had my own yard. You pretty much rock.

  10. Your peas look great. My garden has been very giving of mint and basil. I hope the tomatoes turn red soon.

  11. Less than 2 weeks? OMG! Sooooo exciting! Ummm how excited are you?!?! 🙂

  12. Wow, you sure have got a good thumb! All plants die on me, a tragic death from negligence. I’m impressed with your strawberries and peas and what nots!

    And omg! Wedding coming up soon…you must be getting nervous? Excited? Either way, can’t wait to congratulate you on the big day sooooon!

  13. Aw, what cute strawberries! It’s great that you grew those, I bet it makes them taste that much sweeter 😉

    What are fingerlings? Are they potatoes?

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