Feed the Baby

Last weekend my niece was here to visit.

(So were her parents.  And Baby Brother.)

She’s got some food allergies they’re trying to figure out right now… So when I asked my sister in law if there was anything I should/should not feed baby I was told no gluten no wheat no dairy no almonds no avocados.

Considering baby’s two favorite foods are Annie’s bunny crackers and meat, that’s cutting out half her diet.

So, to feed the baby, I ended up making this:
What is that?
Still, what is it?

It’s dairy free, buckwheat pancakes.  Despite looking like cement they taste pretty much like pancakes.

The fiance approved.  And he was super skeptical.

We also had some fruit
And meat.  Because baby loves meat.  But I forgot to get a picture.

In hindsight, I could’ve just cooker her a bunch of bacon.

My dad is her favorite person (he’s “Pa!”).  I’m fairly sure this comes largely from the fact that he feeds her steak as a snack.

I fail and didn’t take pictures of the baby, so here instead is a picture of her and bad uncle

Yeah they’re in a bouncy castle and baby brother is on his iPhone.  He’s an awesome uncle.

We also went to the zoo with her, where we found this

Yeah.  Dinosaurs.  At the zoo.  Um…  ok?

Oh, and unrelated, but know how I told you guys I found the kitten stuck in the window last week?
Yeah, it’s her favorite spot these days.

To close, I want to share with you a horrible horrible song I got the title of this post from

It’s called “I put a baby in you”

Do you like the zoo?

I like it.  Except when you can’t see animals and baby brother starts yelling “i think the animals died”.

Awkward baby brother, awkward.


7 responses to “Feed the Baby

  1. AWWW you are a good titi, making pancakes that she can eat!

    I love the picture of your kitty cat! so cute =)

  2. Looks Yummy. Happy 4th Of July Weekend ❤
    Hope u have a good one & Have fun!
    -Chocolate Coated Runner

  3. niece…you have another brother or sister?

  4. thehungryscholar

    I want a bouncy castle 😦

  5. Aw, you’re a great aunt. But poor baby…food allergies suck, esp when you’re that young!

  6. I love the zoo … especially the gorillas!!

  7. Funny, just took my kiddies to the Calgary zoo this past Canada day and we saw dinosaurs there too. They actually moved and roared.

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