The Food of my People

Have I ever told you guys my mommy is Canadian?

She is.


Being out in the snow in a cardigan, not a coat?  Canadian.

Today is Canada Day

I know it is because two of my brothers put up these pictures on facebook

I’d put a flag up but that would involve having something to hold it up with.  And I’d rather celebrate our heritage in a far better way

“what’s that?” you may wonder.

It’s a little something I like to call the food of my people

Nanaimo Bars!

They have a layer of chocolate on top (the chocolate is mixed with butter, making it sorta soft), then a layer of custard-y frosting, and then this

The bottom layer is a chocolate cookie-ish layer, which contains, among other things, coconut.

Coconut will kill the fiance dead.

So I don’t have to share!

Oh Canada indeed.

Baby Brother is getting ready to celebrate too.  He just sent me a text of this:
(The fries get dipped in gravy.  You can get fries with gravy at the food court in Costco if you’re in Canada.  I would clearly weigh about 20 pounds more if I lived there.  Mmmm fries with gravy)

Do you have any random foods that are part of your family’s background?  Have you ever had a Nanaimo bar?

Happy Canada Day!


11 responses to “The Food of my People

  1. This post cracked me up. Hmm…well my people are Russian. We eat all kinds of strange things. Salted fish, pickled everything, and potatoes. How’s that. Oh- I do like vodka though, our gift to the rest of the world, in my opinion.

  2. I’ve never had a Namo-namo bar, but that pic of your mom looks just like YOU!


  4. thehungryscholar

    You should have a Canadian giveaway, because I want those treats!

  5. Well, I have two cultural halves to the family. One of them is standard Chinese, nothing particularly unique other than the fact that we eat potsticker soup on Christmas. The other half is a European mishmash, so who knows what our real heritage is; my grandma is as far back as we go culinarily and her signature dishes are Celeste frozen pizzas, tuna casserole with potato chips on top, and potatoes au gratin from a box.

    I wish I had /your/ heritage. Want cookie.

  6. never heard of those bars! you should try to recreate it at home and then share the recipe 🙂 all in your spare time!

  7. Nanaimo Bars are the best! We always get ours at Granville Island when we’re visiting. Did you get yours in Portland? Wherewherewhere?

  8. The husband studied in Montreal for a little while. I guess in French, if you’re not good with your pronunciation, it’s really easy to accidentally ask for your fries covered in prostitute instead of gravy.

  9. Nainamo bars rule!! I have them every year at Christmas.

    I only dip my fries in gravy. The Costco fries and gravy is THE BEST.

  10. Nanaimo bars are so good. Same with Costco’s fries and gravy 😛

  11. I love my grandmere’s sucre a la creme. Can’t get much better than whipping cream, brown sugar and white sugar. And I do love poutine but I try not to consume that more than once a year.

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