There are days…

I’m not going to lie guys, there are days when I decide I don’t want to make dinner, because I would much rather just have one of these
And on those days, I also proceed to ignore the weather because what I really want for dinner is soup
Full of avocado chunks.

Seriously, that stuff is my new favorite thing.  Rich yummy broth + avocado + chicken?  Heck yes.

There are also days where I make spaghetti and meatballs
Entirely so that I have a solid excuse for a giant ceaser salad.

And days where I use eating spaghetti as an excuse for some of this
(some days, I also pretend that a wine bottle has two servings.  which it totally does, right?)

I even, shockingly enough, have days where I only get a half pint of beer.


Ok, only because the half pint glasses looked like this
Elephants on my beer!

There are days when I make chili for dinner
Largely so that I won’t have to pack the fiance lunches for the next week.

….and there are days like today where I get home from the grocery store to discover my shirt was inside out.  And find the cat stuck in the shutters.  Cats are smart.

On days like that, you know it’s ok to go to Starbucks.  Because clearly, you need it.

Which is where I’m off to now!

How’s your day?


10 responses to “There are days…

  1. Today was one of those days I woke up two hours late and ate frozen pizza because I didn’t feel like washing the dishes. Now it’s mid-afternoon and I’m still in my robe and haven’t done a lick of school work. Yup.

  2. Wine bottles do have two servings. Duh.

  3. two servings???All this time I have been using straws in my wine bottles because i thought it was only ONE serving…maybe wine bottles are smaller in NY. yes, thats it.

  4. CAT STUCK IN SHUTTERS. haaa… now you’ve made me laugh twice today 🙂

    and yes, two servings per bottle = one for me, and one for ME. 🙂

  5. thehungryscholar

    When I grade student papers I drink about an entire bottle. My students probably profit from this.

  6. My day was great!! Last day of school for kids, so I am basically DONE work!!!! I have 1.5 days to clean up my room, or photocopy or do whatever I want before my official end date.

  7. Hey, those kinda days are part of life. Just gotta roll with it. That glass is so fun – I adore elephants!

  8. Urgh, I wanna go to Starbucks too, but there is none in this area. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

    Is that chicken tortilla soup? I love that. Slightly sour, rich, warm, comforting.

  9. I want to have a gallon of margaritas with you when we meet.. Lushy meetup

  10. ew. starbucks? who drinks that gross stuff…

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