One Month!

(see how i’m blogging regularly!  amazzzzing right?)

I’m sorry if this wedding takes over the blog… it’s taking over my brain!

One month from today is my wedding!  Crazy.  I’ve been engaged for over a year, and that felt like I had forever till the wedding.  Now?  It’s going FAST!

(from when we got engaged.  showin’ off my rock)

This weekend my oldest brother is coming to town

Next weekend, my other two brothers, plus my sis in law and niece are here, and my friend/maid of honor Callie is coming for my bachelorette.  Callie was responsible for this stellar engagement gift last year

Face cake.  Heck yes.

My bachelorette?  It’ll be us drinking and doing paint our own pottery.

We keep it mature.

Then, it’s 4th of July weekend… Which means drinking and fireworks with my family

A weekend off… And wedding weekend!   This is going to go fast!

Best planning I’ve done?


I might have two pairs now?

But look at these shoes I found yesterday

(from Zappos)

So, married blogger friends-how crazy am I going to get in the next month?

Unmarried blogger friends-I’m sorry if you hate wedding stuff!  You can be helpers by telling me your favorite cake! (cake + frosting combo).  I’m doing a small cutting cake (2 tier) plus cupcakes so I get to have LOTS of flavors!

10 responses to “One Month!

  1. Things were calm for me until the day my friends and family started to arrive – then all hell broke loose. 75% of my wedding guests were from out of state, and had never been to Oregon before. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Actually, it was great, but I seriously got all Bridezilla for a while and made my Mom cry.
    You’ll be fine – just breathe and soak in these moments!

  2. Those shoes are freakin’ AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE them!

    I love wedding stuff – please keep it coming!!

  3. Its going to get CRAZY when family all roles in but its so worth it. What a great time!

  4. It gets nuts and stressful but I had a great time the week before my wedding! Lots of family came in and it was wonderful. I got married on July 5th and we had a BBQ on the 4th of July which was fabulous and calmed my nerves.

  5. you can NEVER have too many shoes, and those are beyond gorgeous! I would have bought them too!
    We did pottery too for my bachelorette! We also did a pole dancing class and went clubbing. My girls gave me Mardi Gras beads with little alcohol bottles tied to them. Loved it.

  6. Is carrot cake a valid wedding flavor? If not, you can’t go wrong with white filled with jam, or chocolate with buttercream, or anything with ganache. On second thought, I like /all/ cake, so I don’t have any useful opinions to contribute.

  7. I love wedding stuff, especially now that it’s not my own. I was a psychotic beast for a while because we had 3 house guests staying with us and I was in grad school. I remember sitting on the floor of my living room writing a paper the night before our honeymoon. Oops!

    It was still the best party of my life. I’m sure you will have an awesome time.

  8. I love that you are doing cupcakes…I can’t wait to steal your wedding ideas when I have mine in 3 years…(btw thanks for emailing me recipes yesterday)..anyways I LOVEE hearing about wedding stuff cause I secretly have a cupcake time: you can NOT deny delish of pure simple: red velvet and carrot cake. Wanna get fancy? make your cupcake flavors DRINK cosmos, margarita, etc…

  9. thehungryscholar

    I don’t usually like wedding stuff, but you are not obnoxious about it :). You aren’t all bridezilla…even thought that could be a fun read. This blog is about your life…and your life is wedding planning now. I feel ya. Do your thing. I’m a devoted reader.

  10. less than a month! ACK!

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