I’ve been a terrible blogger!

There are a lot of things I could blame…

Like the sunshine we had recently.  Which resulted in some of this


And some of this
(followed up by rain, of course.  Portland, you’re a tease)

I could blame the fact that I’ve been going out to eat too much to  have time to write about eating.  Like my blogger meetups with the lovely Miss Maya last weekend. She suggested going to Blossoming Lotus.  I like to threaten the fiance with making him go to dinner there, but I’ve never done it.  Raw vegan food is a hard sell for an Oklahoma boy.

Maya had the Mediterranean platter
And I had some raw pizza
It was yummmmmy.

(The finance had beer and enchiladas at home while watching sports.  Shocking)

In a move that only food bloggers would not find weird, I brought Maya a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread


In my purse.  Not weird at all.

I could also blame the fact that I’m trying to clean out the freezer a bit, so I’ve had far too many lunches that look like this


Garden burger + Dave’s Killer Bread  + hummus + spinach

But the biggest thing to blame?
This bear-faced kitten who cuddles me so that I’m stuck loving on her instead of doing anything productive.

She’s asleep on my belly right now so that I feel too guilty to move.  I’m a pushover.

(Oh yeah, and that whole “it’s 32 days till I get married” thing.  Eep!  We can blame that too.)

Is it summer outside where you live?  I want full time summer.  Please????


12 responses to “Blame

  1. It’s full-time summer with all its thunderstorms and 90 degree glory…and I want winter back. Every single year I’ve been here my boyfriend tells me, “It usually isn’t this bad.” Right.

  2. wow only 32 more days….exciting.

  3. youre getting married?!

    you should bring kitty here to meet sparky.

    and i thinks i come see your next weekend!

  4. thehungryscholar

    Yeah it is summer here, and I’m always tempted to have a beer. ALWAYS. Damn you summer!

  5. It is totally summer where I live – I love it!!!!

  6. yeah NO !! I am in Old Man Winter PDX also. It hailed & thundered ay my house today, WHAT?

    yay for getting married, I don’t think I knew that.

    and welcome back, you were missed. I love that you brought her Dave’s Killer. awesome.

  7. wow 32 days!?!?! you must be so excited! =)

    Your cat is sooooo precious!

  8. No what’s even less weird than a loaf of bread in your purse? A loaf of bread in your carryon, that you have to take out of your bag while going through security. Not weird at all. Loved our dinner!

  9. i still cant’ believe that you are getting married so soon!! AHHHH..more wedding posts? Thanks. PS. I actually DO wanna go and have a blogger meet up with you in P,O. PPS. Bedazzle some granny panties that say “food blogger” and send to me? thx. xoxo.

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