Fire: 1 Us: 0

There are lots of things I should be blogging about…I had a lovely dinner with Miss Maya on Sunday that I need to write about.  And I haven’t written anything in what,  a week?  fail.

but here’s a quick post to show how full of win my life is.

We got cedar planks to cook salmon on as a birthday gift last month.  So today we soaked them in water, and cooked up some salmon on it

You look closely on there, you can see spots where it flared up when we first put it on.  We figured it was ok, and continued on.

And um,


this happened

It was one of those moments where it was so redic it was awesome.  We stared, laughed, and put the fire out.

And then, because we all know a little bit of ashes never hurt anyone, we put the salmon onto some foil and finished cooking it.

I think since we still ate, fire didn’t totally win.

Anyone else have any stories of failing at grilling?


13 responses to “Fire: 1 Us: 0

  1. this would totally happen to me. At least you still got to eat!

  2. OMG – so glad you got a photo of that!! Epic!!!

  3. i hope you told daddy how great of a cook you (josh) were.

  4. you had a blogger meet up and it wasn’t me. FAIL YOU! 😦

  5. Ack! That picture is pretty intense. I never understood how cedar planks work. They are wood that you put in fire. To me, that means fireplace.

    I once tried grilling veggies by myself and sucked at it.

  6. OMGosh…hahahaha. I actually had bacon under the broiler on Saturday, and the entire thing caught on fire like that. You really smoked it, eh?

  7. I was afraid when I read your title that your house had burned down or something…I’m glad it was only a little grilling mishap!

  8. oh no! I wonder why? we’ve (so far…) had good luck with planks, we LOVE them for salmon… what did you put on top?

    our first grill experience this year was a FAIL. for some reason, the grill never got hot enough, and I ended up using the oven… we had a big ol’ houseful (yardful, deckful) of people. a couple hours later it got up to 600 degrees for the cleaning mode. thanks, grill. 🙂

  9. lmao! oh yes! I left my idiot ex boyfriend in charge of setting up the charcoal grill while i made burgers from scratch. the dummass put the entire 3lb bag of coals in a small ass grill and was calling me from the yard to tell me he did something wrong. when i went side the grill was waist high and the flame was taller than him… i wanted to KILL HIM!

    and i set shit on fire in my broiler. All. The. Time. so much so that im not allowed to use it anymore.

  10. omgggg..that is crazy! i think something similar happened to my brother..he never uses it anymore 😉

  11. It impressed me. If you can do a youtube video for it. That would be nicer. 🙂

  12. Hum… Ooops!
    At least nothing else burned! Hahaha.
    Wish you a great week, love!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  13. thehungryscholar

    That dinner looks freaking awesome.

    Sorry about the fire. Cooking can be so dangerous.

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