In surreal america, where I grew up, there are three cities, that function as a metro area.  Pasco is one of the three.  It’s the poorest.  It’s the least white.

It’s also got the best food.

The food in Pasco is good.  And cheap.  And there’s a decent chance some of it isn’t meeting health codes (like the time I went to a taco truck, and had food served to me by one of the 5th graders from the school I worked at.) And sometimes, when you order, the person helping you isn’t exactly fluent in English, making what you’re buying and what it costs a magical surprise (this can be good, like the 25 cent cookies at Vierra’s.  Twenty five cents!  I was there at least once a week).

I worked in Pasco for a year, and ate the best Mexican food of my life the whole time.  So while we were in town for my shower, I took the fiance on a field trip to my favorite, Tacos La Fama
See how it’s a building?  Not a truck!  This means you can sit down.  And the tacos are still just 1.25 each, just like everywhere else.  (That’s a picture of a torta, if you, like my fiance, were wondering)

I came to this place for the first time because I saw someone with taqueria tacos that had tomato on them.  It’s the little things in life people.

When I beat out of them where was serving up tomatoes I discovered that it was also indoors, and had a salsa bar
There’s also some beans, friend onions, and peppers in a warmer you can add.  Score.

We got a coke with SUGAR
we take our HFCS free soda seriously, clearly.

4 chicken tacos = party in my tummy
Add some lime and some salsa verde.  Meal of champions.

This is possibly my favorite thing in the world.

The fiance had some carne asada
Rocked his face off.

Funny fact-there was a girl sitting near us who was totally getting ready to blog about her meal.  She took tons of pictures and had a printout of some article on the best tacos in Pasco.

I judged, even though I was doing the same thing.

Taco trucks-love them?  Hate them?  Don’t live near them?


9 responses to “

  1. This place sounds yummy!!!! I am drooling over his dish! What a cute little place =)

  2. I live near LA so we have tons of yummy taco places. HFCS free Coke is BALLER. Now I want tacos.

  3. I have never seen a taco truck in my life!! I am missing out!!!

  4. dude…if we ever meet and become bff i should take you to my hometown…it’s TACOS, real sugar, TORTAS, galore…Yum….and your hub to be? hilarious’s like you “caught him” doing something bad. Now I want a taco. drunk=taco truck. not drunk=restaurant.

  5. I’m actually scared of the taco trucks around here. I still go to a questionable sit down Mexican eatery that is amazing though. It’s the kind of place you drive by a couple of times cuz you’re sure you got the address wrong. Best. Tacos. Ever.

  6. thehungryscholar

    Love your blog! You have a wit I appreciate. If it is alright…I’m adding you to the blogroll.

    Now I want Tacos!

  7. best tacos i had from a truck was from Texas. NY tacos… dont even compare. not at all.

  8. I live and work in San Francisco, so we are good on taco trucks. I have never been to one though- sad, I know. I think I’m scared of them.

    I love how you call is surreal america- still trying to figure out where that is!

  9. Your chicken tacos look seriously amazing…I have never been to a taco truck before 😉

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