Busy Busy

My life has been overtaken by this as of late
What’s that?

Oh just some of the ONE HUNDRED AND TWO invitations I have to do.

My brain my exploded.

I have 70 fully ready to hit the mailbox though, so it’s really almost done.

and they are lookin’ pretty
(plus, 100 invites only cost me about 30 bucks.  Including the pretty purple band, the reception card, and all that.  I am cheap frugal)

After being held hostage tying ribbons and licking envelopes, the fiance desperately wanted out of the house. We decided to try the super sketchy, but allegedly delicious Italian place near us.

Seriously, doesn’t it look a little weird?

But the internet told me it was delicious, and we all know the internet wouldn’t lie.

Inside is again, a little sketchy, but in a good way.  You could see into the kitchen, which I kinda like, and they had big giant armchairs you could sit in.

They had a special, which said it fed four.

The fiance and I ordered it.

We like leftovers.

Turns out that it feeds four people who haven’t eaten in a week.

My hand to show how gigantic that sucker is

Plus spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread
At the end of the meal, this was left
We’re eating Italian for the next month.

I hope people don’t mind their invites showing up with a little marinara on ’em….


12 responses to “Busy Busy

  1. I haven’t been there in years! It used to be a favorite of Chris and mine. Hang in there with the invites – think of all the money you saved!

  2. Now THAT is a pizza. i think I’m going to bloat just looking at the gluten

  3. sometimes, the sketchiest places are the best….

    invites…woman teach me your frugalness. whered you get those invites for only $30? are you up for hire?

  4. Ah, invitations! Hang in there- when they are done, you get to do the fun part and wait for the cards to come in- mailbox stalking is kinda fun sometimes 🙂

    Mmm…pizza. Looks like breakfast, lunch, and dinner is cooked, right?

  5. uhhhhmmmm….
    we are going to this italian place soon. right?

  6. Um, wow. That can be tedious! I would force my brother to do all that kind of stuff for me. Where is your baby brother? lol.

  7. LOL feeds four?? I wanna go there…and make it an episode of man v food. So was it good? And yes, it does look shady! At least there isn’t a pet store next to it..

  8. Your invitations are GORGEOUS and what a steal!

  9. dayum! that is crazy! lol. But man does it look good!

    I love your invitations. I might have to hit you up for that contact! thats a GREAT price!

  10. Your invites look beautiful Kalin!!!!!!!

  11. That is a LOT of food. Wow! I particularly like how it looks like the 80’s cash register is precariously perched next to the parking for Italians sign. It really is how it should be. Your invites are gorgeous.

  12. WOOT! I LOVE NY/NY ! (okay, Ny/Ny…) it is so totally sketch, but so amazing and the owner is totally the real deal, New Yorker-wise.

    I *JUST* found your blog, started reading about Pasco and thought, “oh, she used to live sorta local…” then I saw the photo of Ny/Ny and figured you now live in Portland! 🙂

    I’m from PDX too… is it not so much fabulous??

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