…rounds up to dead

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I’m now 25.  25 rounds up to 50.  And 50?


it rounds up to dead.

I’m buying wrinkle cream tonight.

I got woken up on my birthday with these pretty flowers
Plus cupcakes
And diamonds.  In the form of earrings.

The fiance?  He’s a keeper.

The fiance offered to make me breakfast, but since we leave earrrrrly to take him to work (and his offer was for scrambled eggs… which are def not my favorite) I waited and made myself a birthday breakfast
Chocolate chip pancakes + strawberries + whipped cream + syrup = dessert.  But it’s ok because it was my birthday.  And I round up to dead anyways…

In the afternoon I made an amazing discovery
That is wine.

At a nail salon.

I love anywhere and everywhere that gives out free drinks.

I used to go to a waxing place that gave out free wine, but that makes sense since a glass of wine always makes me more willing to take my pants off in front of strangers…


The fiance and I went out for dinner at a place called Tabla.  They have a 3 course fixed price menu.  I adore fixed price menus as it means you HAVE to order multiple things.

I started with seared ricotta and nettle gnudi, with wild mushrooms
True story:  I won’t eat cheese on its own much.  But if you fry it so it’s crispy I wanna have its babies.

Then I had pasta with pork sugo
They make their own pasta I think.  It was amazzzing.  Not huge portions, sadly, as I could shove a lot of carbohydrates in my face given the chance.

Then I had farrotto primavera, which is farro (a grain) cooked risotto style.
It had asparagus and chevre.  Mmm. Carbs and cheese were clearly the theme of the night.

You could do a wine pairing with each course.

I clearly did.

The I came home and decided this was a good choice.
Also a good choice?

Taking advil before bed.  I’m getting too old to drink like this….


16 responses to “…rounds up to dead

  1. Glad you had a good birthday! Wine at the nail salon sounds fab. Wine anywhere sounds good to me.

    I take 2 advil everytime I drink. I buy advil from Costco now. Getting old and busted sucksss.

  2. Booze should be mandatory at nails salons. Maybe it would keep me from nearly jumping out of my seat when I get my feet done.

    The wax comment- no words. But I totally agree 🙂

    The fiance is definitely a keeper- such pretty flowers!

  3. aw, looks like you had a great birthday.

    i just realized im actually turning 24 this year and not 23…i know its sad i dont even know how old i really am, and well 24 is exactly like turning 50 and practically dead.

  4. I will meet you there for pedicures. You name the time. WF hot bar and Blzer sightings afterwards.

  5. dear sister,
    what do you want for your bdayyy?
    i need to get on that.
    love, your favorite little brother.

  6. Your birthday sounds great. After drinking, if I don’t pass out first, I chug a ton of water and take 2 advil. Repeat in the morning.

  7. okay…you totally got spoiled for your birthday! Those cupcakes? Please tell me they were all for YOU..and only YOU..no sharing. Glad you had a yummy, cheesy, gooey, drunken birfday!

  8. Looks like a great birthday! And maybe you should send a memo to the salons around here to offer up beer + wine. I only get soda.

  9. I am glad to hear that you had a great bday! I have a feeling you are going to frequent that salon A LOT! ha

  10. Sounds like you had a great birthday!

    Looks like i need to eat at Tabla. MMM. and hope you wake up feeling refreshed now taht you are a quarter of a century old.

  11. My nail place offers wine. I avoid it though because me, wine and a fresh coat of paint don’t mix. However, I love wine! And at each course. Sign me up!

  12. Happy Birthday!!! Diamond earrings? YEAH he’s a keeper (but we knew that). That looks like an awesome day!

  13. Happy Birthday! 🙂
    Wine and a pedi? PERFECT!
    Glad it was a great day!

  14. Happy birthday, girl!
    Amazing post, as always 🙂
    Wish you a great night!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  15. haha “rounds up to death” no way girlfriend!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you really enjoyed the day 😀

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