Happy Sister Day!

hey everyone! its baby brother with a special post!

Today is a certain someones birthday!
That’s right! it is Tahj Mowry’s Birthday, the star of 90s tv sitcom Smart Guy.

ok ok, it is also Kalin’s 25th birthday!!

As you might know, Kalin and I are twins. Born 4 years and 4 months apart, but twins none the less.

Might I add, very klassy twins. (look at that bomb moto razr she’s rockin!)

there we go, like i said, classy.

growing up, kalin NEVER had an attitude.

pretty sure she is saying “blah blah blah look at me, im a little angel”

Kalin and i have been cooking together for years

also, she goes till they kick her out. or the police shut her down. popo shut her dowwwnnn

(she wasnt really getting arrested 😦 she just wanted to play in the cop car.) i think it was at some americore thing…

this was at an americore thing too.

she also has AWESOME hair sometimes.

and two months from today she will be getting married!

and here is their official engagement photo:

So here is to the best big sister, Happy Birthday! and Happy Kalin Day!

maybe this will make up for me not getting her or her fiance birthday presents yet… oops.

14 responses to “Happy Sister Day!

  1. Happy birthday Kalin! πŸ™‚

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Please tell me “mini” things are eaten today…

  3. I love this πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the pictures. They’re great.

  5. lol. youre such a loving brother to share such great pictures with us!

    Happy Birthday Kalin!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You two seem like the best siblings ever!!!!!!!

  7. I want to adopt you two…and then send you to the Naughty Corner!

    Happy Birthday Kalin!!!!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an amazing, drink filled day!

  9. Happy Birthday Kalin!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day =)

  10. Happy birthday Kalin!!

  11. HA! Love that you mentioned Smart Guy’s birthday. Whatever happened to that kid?

    Oh, and happy birthday Kalin!

  12. Happy Birthday Kalin!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures.

  13. Oh my gosh- adorable! Happy birthday Kalin! Enjoy every minute of it!

  14. happy Birthday Kalin!
    this is the cutest post ever!
    I laughed out loud at the cake “Happy Kalin Day! yay!” hahahhahaa

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