Ladies who lunch

So, I noticed some of you guys commented on my lunch in my last post, so I thought I’d give you guys a run down of how I make super quick lunches.

Being a sub means sometimes, you get a call at 9:35 for a job that started at 9:30.  And is 25 minutes from your house.  I’ve learned to get dressed and put together fast… But I had practice on that in college.

Eating, on the other hand, wasn’t something I was too into in college…. (unless quad americanos and popcorn with a side of cigarettes are what you’d call breakfast AND lunch)  So packing lunches has been more of a challenge.

If I’m at home I’d much rather have a happy, warm lunch, so I don’t wanna pack stuff, and then be sadly eating my cold lunch at home if I don’t work.  So pre-packing is out.  (I do pre-pack the fiance’s lunches, and I have a method for those too….)

Here’s what I do…

First, I check the fridge for protein options

Yesterday my fridge had yogurt, hummus, and peanut butter.  I’ll also do cheese with crackers, but we’re out of crackers, so I didn’t even consider the cheese.

We always have peanut butter, yogurt, and cheddar cheese in the fridge.  I’ve totally categorized artichoke dip in with this in my head before.  Not kidding.  It has cheese?

Then I see what I’ve got for veggies

Yesterday it was carrots, celery, tomato, and broccoli.

We always have at least carrots and celery in out house.

And I check out the fruit

We had strawberries, bananas, and apples

I try to keep at least two types of fruit (this time of year it’s generally oranges, apples, and/or bananas) on hand

And I look for other fun things to add

Pretzels, pudding, mini lara bars, almonds, cereal, granola bars

I usually do some sort of fruit + yogurt or fruit + peanut butter, veggies + dip, and something crunchy and carby.

And I keep extras, like the almonds, the lara bars, and the granola bars in my bag just in case.

Here’s the lunch I ended up with

Celery, carrots, tomato, and hummus

And some random sides

pretzels, apples, peanut butter.

I try to pack more than I think I’ll want, so that I have snacks.  And on days when I’m really in a hurry I’m not above throwing a whole jar of PB in my bag.

There are some things I don’t do in my lunch…

I don’t do things that have to be microwaved because some days you’ve got about 20 minutes to eat.  And if you have to wait behind two or three other people to heat your food, you just don’t have time.

And I don’t pack meat because I try and keep that to one meal per day, and that’s generally dinner.  Plus, lunch meat is icky.

I don’t pack sandwiches partly because I don’t adore them, and partly because getting all the stuff for them out takes a while, and makes more work for me.

I don’t generally have a main “meal” to my lunch, more smaller components.  Again partly because of the microwave, and also because I like to be able to snack through the day-its easier to snack with a lunch like this.

But that’s how I do my two minute lunches!  They’re not super exciting, but they’re better than PB&J, and fast!

Do you pack lunches?  Whats your method?


11 responses to “Ladies who lunch

  1. Coffee w/ a side of cigs? You and my mom would have been best buds back then. 😉

  2. my college breakfast was more of a shot of smirnoff and some cheetos! party hard!

  3. I do pack my lunches, but I have an easier time of it than you would because my place of work is consistent. Or at least it was until today at 3:30, when they take my key and wave adios and I go home to fret about how we’re supposed to pay the bills for the next few months…

    I digress. The point is that since I only had one office to go to each day, I could keep a tub of hummus, a package of lunch meat or hard-boiled eggs, and a jar of mixed fruit in the fridge, plus snacks etc. My morning routine just consisted of grabbing a roll from the freezer, sticking it in a bag with a slice of cheese and some lettuce, and leaving. By the time lunch rolled around the roll would thaw and I just had to slice open, spread, top and devour.

  4. I do lunches the same way! My mom calls them my hodgepodge lunches, but she started doing the same thing. A little of this and a little of that make a great lunch

  5. I usually pack a Tofu wrap or a Green Monster or one of Amy’s frozen means =). I always have a Luna bar in my bag lol.

    I was the same exact way in college! I am disgusted by how bad I ate AND the cigs that I smoked. I wish I had a time machine so I could go and smack myself lol

  6. You are a rockstar. I either make a pb & j, grab a clif bar or a greek yogurt and go. I need to start buying fruit on Sunday, cutting it up and having it on hand.

  7. I pack lunches … usually leftovers.

  8. i usually run by mcdonalds and get nuggets.

    and by usually i mean everyday.

  9. I like to pack lil things like you do for your lunch except cutting veggies in the morning DO NOT work for me…TOO LAZYYYY.

  10. I have to admit, I NEVER pack lunches, even if I have to sit through lunch. I just hate the idea of packed lunch, and none of the food that can be prepared beforehand appeals to me. So I’d starve, or eat a super big meal before hand, and then pig out later.

    not so healthy, I suppose….;-p

  11. livelaughloveandrun

    I used to always go to a salad bar and buy lunch, but I found that I was spending WAY too much money. Also, I wasn’t as strict with my pickings if I made my own lunch. Lately, I’ve been making a salad every night and having a microwaveable meal. I’m so much more satisfied, and other than the salad, there’s no prep.

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