I’m hot cause I’m fly

…or because I have the flu.  Whatevs.

This is how I’m doing
That would be a “moderate fever” according to my friends over at WebMD.

(Also, I apparently now only post unattractive pictures of myself on the internet.  It’s to make up for when I had a myspace.)

Those same friends also told me I may have some of the following
Yeah, if it’s not the flu, I don’t need to worry.  It’s just cancer.  Or Lyme disease.

I actually felt like crap on Wednesday, spent the day in bed, and was thinking I was alive on Thursday.  I just had an upset tummy, which I figured had more to do with something I ate.  So I’d been playing my meals safe.  I ate things like
Rice a Roni!  I love this stuff, I won’t lie.  And I didn’t trust myself to make something mild enough that my tummy wouldn’t revolt

And I’ve eaten my fair share of these too
Veggie burger + sandwich thin + hummus, spinach and other tastiness.

So I was feeling awesome by thursday night.  Friday, felt great.


My eats look like this
(Do you not request a pound of strawberries with sugar on top when you’re sick?  You should.)

But as I was loading pictures this morning I realized I took this at Target the other day
And I’m thinking the fiance needs to go to the store again.  Target knows what’s good for me.

And it’s not fruit and water.


16 responses to “I’m hot cause I’m fly

  1. yes, fiance def needs to go back to target and hit up that aisle!

    glad you dont have cancer, just a flu, thanks webmd…such a trusty source.

  2. That’s what you get for hanging out in germ breeding grounds (i.e. schools). I’d bring you some chocolate but I can’t really afford to get Lyme disease right now.

    Feel better!!!

  3. Ack! Hope you feel better! I only want giant loads of chocolate when I’m sick too!

    I’m lovin all the SF love in your post, but I have to say Ghirardelli is the real San Francisco treat!

  4. WebMD could convince me I have an inflamed uteris. It’s that good.
    I say increase the chocolate with 100 cc’s, stat

  5. Sorry you’re feeling sick. Definitely get the fiance to buy you some yummy chocolates.

    That rice a roni looks delicious, I love it too!

  6. I’m sorry you’re sick. I haven’t been bed-ridden sick for a long time, so I’ve forgotten what it feels like, but I know when I was I metamorphosed into a banana and popsicle fiend. And when I was little my mother would pump me with Sprite too (or variants: 7-Up, ginger ale…which is why I now associate lime-flavored sodas with death).

    And I don’t think the “Better for You” sign was meant to point to the chocolate. It’s for the gummy candies on the next shelf over. Duh.

  7. Tarjay always know what we need! lol

    I hope you feel better love…get some rest =)

  8. Wow – I hope you get well soon, girl!
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  9. I hope you are feeling better!!

    Chocolate is definitely good for you when you are sick 🙂 You need some!

  10. know what heals? jesus.
    know what jesus makes? vitamin water.

    thus: vitamin water makes you better.

  11. Sorry you’re sick. Tell the fiancee to go to Baker & Spice!

  12. so you know I work at Target and the other day I bought f-ing chocolove xoxo or whatev that brand is chocolate…3 bars!! Maybe that’llmake you feel better? PS. don’t die.

  13. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. WAHAHAHA!!! Even when sick, you still manage to be hilarious and uplifting. I hope you got in a few good chocolates, and your temp goes down soon!

  15. the flu seems to be lingering! i had the flu two weeks ago! i was miserable. My skin and hair were hurting my fever was so high

    feel better!

  16. OH NO! thats crazy hot!!! boo to sickness.

    btw i just found ur blog and i cant get over how much i love it. ur so super fabulous hehe xoxo ❤


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