I am Not a Pretty Girl

That is not what I do


(anyone else listen to way too much Ani when they were 19 and angsty?  no, just me?  ok then…)

Diana brought it up this morning, so I just thought I’d share

I don’t put pictures of myself on the blog a ton.


Because this is what I look like in the morning
(I’d actually been awake for an hour when I took that picture.  So that’d be an improvement over my start of the day face.  I woke up with eyes so puffy it look like I’d been punched.  Hard.  But they weren’t quite as rad by the time I took a picture.)

I also don’t always show you my food because, well, it aint pretty

And it’s more fun to take pictures of pretty things. It’s like how your parents frame more of your baby pictures than your sullen eleventeen year old pictures.  We like the pretty.

But I eat lots of un-pretty

Like the kiwi I hacked into at work last friday.
It broke my plastic spoon.  Which made me eat two more, just to show them who was boss.

(Poor schools ’round here get snacks provided-which is awesome.  But, for some stupiiiiid reason they’ll do things like give us a giant bag of whole kiwis.  With no napkins.  Or spoons.  Or anything else.  Just whole kiwis.  I’m an adult, and even I made a mess eating that.  Kiwi day is always a fun one.)

I don’t show you all my smoothies
Because as pretty as I think green sludge is, not everyone agrees.

And breakfasts that resemble cement?
Those don’t make it on all the time either.

Fun note-that’s chia pudding on a banana… and  I used this adorable little carton of coconut milk to make the pudding
How cute is it?

Also not pretty is my compost bowl in the background.  Rad.

So, you know, for every picture of me where I don’t look like I’m homeless, there’s about 5 days where the best compliment my fiance can come up with is “wow! Your hair is clean today!”
(he really does tell me that. And it’s in a surprised voice, every time)
And for every breakfast like this
there’s a bowl of cement.

Do you keep the not so cute pictures of yourself off the blog? Or the not so pretty food?

16 responses to “I am Not a Pretty Girl

  1. loved this post 🙂 i show my ugly food in all its glory.. but not always the bad photos. sometimes i do!

  2. there is no such thing as not pretty pictures of me… so i dont have that issue.

  3. I love Ani! I saw her live a few times back in the angsty stage!

    There has never been a pretty picture of me on the blog. It just ain’t happenin’. I don’t even wear makeup most of the time!

  4. Ugly food I can handle. Gratuitous self-portraits on other blogs annoy me, so I try to spare my readers. You look sooooo much better in the morning than I do!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this post. You keep it real, and that is why I love you. But I’ve also seen you in person, and I know you ARE a very pretty girl.

  6. Ani Difranco and Tori Amos got me through 10th grade.

    I haven’t always put the most attractive pictures on my blog, but whatever. Comfort food photographs about as well as I do (maybe that has something to do with all the comfort food I eat??)

    That waffle looks amazing!

  7. LOL did you drink too much wine last night before that photo?? jk!!! Anyways I’ll post more fug pics of me on my blog..you know..to keep it real. And my foods pics are all sorts of nastiness too. BTW everytime I see “little” things or “small things” I think of you…hahaha I hope you don’t tell the fiance that exact line!

  8. I keep the not so pretty pictures of me off the blog, as well as the really hideous food, although sometimes some ugly food makes it on there!

    BTW, “eleventeen” was always my favourite number growing up 🙂

  9. LMAO!!!!! Ah, I just love you more and more! “pretty” is objective. I think a girl will always look pretty when she’s enjoying her food! Same for guys, too! Nothing more unattractive than someone poking at his food!

    I don’t even WANT to look in the mirror when I get up….

  10. I have to say in the least girl crush way- your eyes are really pretty in that smoothie picture!

    Most of my food is pretty ugly and I flaunt it. Pictures of me- well depends. I have posted some obnoxious frizzy hair wonders, but also my wedding pictures took 6 hours of beauty services to get me to look that way!

    Love this post anyways- and yes- my husband gets excited when my hair smells good too!

  11. youre still adorbs! puffy eyed and all… but the pic of you and the green goo is soooo purdy.

    Messy eats or ugly pics. I would still eat it. : )

  12. Sometimes my pictures aren’t pretty because I am hungry and I just want to eat the damn food, not make it pose all pretty.

    I avoid the mirror at all costs when I wake up in the morning. For my sanity.

  13. Wow!
    That coconut milk container was definetely in Portuguese!
    Where did you get it?
    Have a great night, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  14. “pretty this, pretty that” blah blah…
    I wake up with puffy eyes too. It’s true. I think you look just fine. 🙂
    Oh my gosh, the broken spoon near the kiwi is killing me! haha

  15. Katherine: What About Summer?

    More of my food ends up *on* me than *in* me… just saving the table scraps for leftovers haha. I love the picture of you with your green drink!

  16. you look fine in the morning.. i think your just more confident with your makeup on or later in the day or whatever.. don’t worry about it so much!!! 🙂

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