Life Lessons

I am good at learning life lessons.

Sometimes, I learn lessons that it seems others don’t need to learn (like “keg stands on a sunday afternoon are a poor choice, especially if you have a date that night” or “if you do keg stands all afternoon at least don’t take a gay man on your date with you and introduce him as your ex fiance to your date”  ahhh college)

But I learn useful life lessons too.

Like, not everyone can smell that asparagus makes your pee smell funky
I eat asparagus like a madwoman (that’d be primavera pasta there, with asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and happiness) and don’t smell a thing.

I actually was totally confused for YEARS when I’d hear people talk about it.

Another life lesson-if you’re confused, google it.  That was how finally I learned.

Important life lesson:
Apple crisp (apple raspberry crisp in this case) is easy to make.  And delicious.

Life lesson I needed to learn:  while it may seem easier to not peel the apples, it’s actually a poor choice.  Weiiiiird texture.

Did you know you can make cutesy shaped pancakes without forking over 5.95 to Crate and Barrel?
I do!  All you need is a metal cookie cutter.

Also a life lesson:  when you have metal on a frying pan you should not touch it with your bare hands.  I learned that lesson over, and over, and over….

That breakfast was part of a meal eaten like this
Because I forget lessons like if you have allergies to EVERYTHING don’t spend half the day at the Humane Society playing with kitties and the other half out in the yard

I am not smart.

I also could not breathe.

Life lesson: tea + not leaving bed = much better

Another lesson?

This is still delicious.
What have you learned lately?


11 responses to “Life Lessons

  1. I learned that sometimes, you can poop out a bloody mess after you eat beets.

    I also learned that God is FABULOUS. I love Him!!

  2. I have learned that sometimes the best things in life are unanswered prayers.

  3. i learned that its totally ok to want a truffle cake first thing in the morning! and its even better to just go ahead and eat it.

  4. Ditto genesis: it took me YEARS to learn that when you’re hungry, you should EAT, and then you won’t be hungry anymore!

    Today I learned that when the rest of the world is lazy and takes all the close parking spaces in the sunny lot, the parking garage a little walk away will be EMPTY and your car will be cooler and happier when you get into it than when you were like all the other lazy people.

  5. I learned that like you, my hands don’t substitute the uses of a spatula or tongs. Also, knives are sharp and hurt!

    Sorry about the allergies- the husband has them 99% of the year and it’s bad!

  6. Bahaha I love the tea set up

  7. I’ve learned that milk was a bad choice (sorry, Anchorman reference).
    Really though, I’ve learned life doesn’t go like you planned, and sometimes you need to be really proactive to get what you want (like leaving this awful town!)

  8. the thing is…even if YOU can’t smell your asparagus pee WE CAN!!! stop abusing us!!! OH and I was totally gonna make that damn chickpea dish again cause as you saw today..i found..SMOKED PAPRIKAAAAAA

  9. i’ve learned that one shouldnt look at such yummy pics around lunch time. im huuungry now. thanks!

    and youare one of hte lucky ones who arent affected with smelly pee after asparagus.

  10. OMG. That plate of food looks amazing!


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