blah blah blah

Over the weekend I traveled to the great state of Oregon, please note that great is crossed out. Oregon, if you want that title back, let me win the $150 million powerball next time.

I ran my first 5k and amazingly enough I didnt die during it. As you might know, I did go to one race before, back in november… when i was stalking ran into Tina Fey the silver medal winner of last years vice presidential election.

i dont know who’s bright idea it was to do races EARLY in the morning, but whoever it was is NOT my friend. I had to get up at nearly 6 am sunday morning for the 5k, and i did not wake up feelin like p diddy… [or brush my teeth with a bottle of jack]

[thats me in the mornings, fightin till i see the sunlight. and that is me extra happy and awake since it is christmas… can you tell im a morning person?]

oh and rewind champion meal late night before the race:

you guess it. the meal of champions. McDonalds – Proud sponsor of the US olympic team. that means it’s good for you. i promise.

anyways, we got to the race in time to pick up our free junk. there was free food too, but i wasnt smart enough eating machine wasnt smart enough to think of taking a picture of it. [she was smart enough to steal get some lara bars]

luckily I had conned a friend into waking up at 6 am and running 3 miles in the cold [sorry brad] so at least i didnt have to run alone!

it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought it would be, or even as freezing as i thought.

run run run, race race race, words words words, blogg blawg bloggy blawwggg, blah blah blah, stop talk talk talkin that blah blah blah [i b so good @ blawgging]

and, this was the “Race for the Roses” we finished and got our very manly colored roses

and the results *drum roll*


…..ok 450th place is winning… right? hey it was out of 1066 people.

we both finished with a time of 32:43

and wow are we WHITE.

OH YEAH! this race, sponsored by oh, i dont know, just my favorite thing in the world that isnt a girl with a money sign in her name, VITAMIN WATER.  oh and what did i NOT see at the race? VITAMIN WATER!  they gave us smart water, but NO VITAMIN WATER.  um… thats not ok.  dear vitamin water jesus, i ask you this is every post, GIVE ME FREE VITAMIN WATER.

Also on my trip to portland i stopped by so-lame [salem] i found two things there. the world!

and jamba juice, which i had NEVER been to before. damnnnn its good.  forget baskin robbins, i wanna open a jamba juice!

know what i didnt find there? a certain vegetable themed blogger whos name fits perfectly into the Black Eyed Peas song Imma Be…


10 responses to “blah blah blah

  1. “Mama Pea livin’ that goood life?”

  2. baby brother is loooong like a beanpole! So tall. And the first pic, his eyes are kinda red, like a cat’s. lol.

  3. LOL were you LAUGHING through the whole race? Great time still!

  4. I am soooo proud of you baby brother! Races are fun. It cracks me up that you and your friend ran together. Did you hold hands at the end?

    Also Jamba is the best. I would love to move in.

  5. What gives?! You guys should have come by. In fact, we were probably at the carousel right when you were at the giant lame-o globe. I’m hurt.

  6. Congrats on a great race BabyBrother!!!!

    I am doing my first 5k at the end of May, and I am SCARED!! I can barely run 5 minutes straight without it being pure torture. Eeeek!

  7. I am soooo proud of you baby brother!

    So I watching The New Adventures of Old Christine the other day and the whole time I kept thinking…wow this is eating machine and baby brother when they get older!

  8. Great race baby brother! I like the pink roses. It shows women you are sensitive and stuff.

    I had big plans to open a jamba juice myself, but there are too many around here!

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