Feeding Baby Brother

Baby Brother is a little notorious for not being able to feed himself.

I remember when I lived at home, and he’d emerge from his room at 3 pm asking “have I eaten today?”

Usually that answer depended on if you counted Mountain Dew as food.

My mom and I call him “the boy”

As in “Kalin, I’m going to the store.  Make sure the boy eats  before he leaves”

or “Mommy I told the boy to eat but he just had a soda”

While he was here I worked at feeding the boy, so that my mam wouldn’t worry.

His first morning here I asked him what he wanted for lunch.  (He had refused breakfast, so I moved on to a new meal).

After a few suggestions I said “pancakes”

He went “can you eat those for lunch?”

And once I said of course, his choice was made
See, there’s even fruit!

(I asked if he wanted white or whole wheat flour.  He laughed)

I on the other hand, had tuna
For dinner I made a healthy, balanced meal

Ok, I made a meal that would make my guys happy.
(Baby Brother is super photogenic)

I had a quesadilla
(I started cooking the beans for this meal at lunch time.  Baby Brother stared, and asked “What are you doing?”.  Then, when I started making my tuna he asked “but what about the beans?” and I had to explain how beans take a longggg time to cook.  His.  Mind.  Blown)

Post race (RECAP COMING SOON, RIGHT BABY BROTHER?) we went to Three Square Grill

Baby Brother had waffles
I had the roast vegetable hash
(potatoes + veggies = all I could ever ask for)

And since I’d forced him to eat before the race, and he ate some of the provided food post-race he ate THREE times that morning.

My mommy would be proud.

Do you have family with funny eating habits?  Baby Brother is the only one in our house who would forget to eat.  Because really, who DOES that?


12 responses to “Feeding Baby Brother

  1. I like how he has pepsi an 2 beers in front of him in that pic 😀

  2. My husband doesn’t FORGET to eat, since he thinks about it all the time, but if I am not there, he doesn’t know WHAT to eat!!!

  3. Your brother sound just like my sister. If my parents don’t have a meal for her, she just doesn’t eat. So crazy considering that I could eat every minute of everyday!

  4. This is especially funny to me because we call my 8 year old brother “the boy.” He also forgets to eat.

    You fed him some awesome things. I’m jealous of that vegetable hash you ordered. YUM!

  5. oh, i dont think my boys could ever forget to eat. they may not know what to eat but they will eat, all the time!

  6. Seriously, how do you forget to eat? I rarely think of anything else? Of course, you could also blow Baby Brother over in a stiff wind. The word stiff makes me giggle.

    We want a race recap!

  7. have you read “A child called it” because im pretty sure they call the kid in that the boy as well…

    and i have a post race post written! im just waitin for the official pictures to be posted to use some in it!

    ps. its easy to forget to eat… its like a chore, you could be doing something much more fun but instead you have to stop what you’re doing and sit down and blah blah blah

  8. Very funny eating habits. The only time I ever forgot to eat was at my wedding- I only ate champagne.

    My husband can’t find food in the fridge to save his life. I make LOTS of food, but when I ask him what he ate for diner, it’s usually cheese, defrosted shrimp, chips, and hummus. Some things I’ll never understand!

  9. My mom and sister both would forget to eat … all the time. I only forget when I am REALLY busy.

  10. seriously only a GUY would forget to eat! Women know EXACTLY when to eat…even if they are not hungry! make me a waffle!!!

  11. you are such a good hermana! everything looks so delish…can I come visit you? lol

  12. my brother used to be the same way! He would go a full day without eating and on a really hot day he passed out and since then has been a total pain in the ass about eatin healthy.
    hes the only skinny kid in the fam!

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