…and he’s not dead!

Over Easter the fiance ate food that would KILL him dead.

amazingly, he’s still alive, and it’s been a week.

What did he try?

(note my skeptical face)


my parents make crazy good artichokes-they boil them with all sorts of delicious herbs and spices and whatnot and they taste super good

Plus we dip ’em in butter.

You can’t hate on things dipped in butter.

I’m not going to say they’re his new favorite food (he called them “mushy”.  He has serious texture issues) but he ate them, and he lived!

On Easter I also made possibly the best easter egg I’ve done

I am not a nugget.  PETA is proud of me right now I’m sure.

This weekend Baby Brother traveled from Surreal America to Portland to run is first 5k.

We’ve had soup

with bread

And the one healthy thing baby brother will always eat

(with ranch of course).

He also learned what “butter spread” was

he was skeptical…

I’m sure baby brother will post soon (RIGHT BABY BROTHER?) to tell you about his 5k.

It involved waking up at 6 am.  No hi.


11 responses to “…and he’s not dead!

  1. I’m not sure I understand that egg at all. But hey, that’s okay! I’m sure BB was up at the front of the pack today!!!

  2. I WILL POST SOON. pretty sure I won the whole race.

  3. I can’t wait to read baby brothers post! I am so proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You look lovely even though you are glaring at your fiance. Glad he’s alive though…but I’m pretty sure he was trying to suck up to your ‘rents. 😉 How far is surreal america? You travel back home quite a lot!

  5. Cute egg!!

    The hubby and I tried making artichokes when we first got married, and we didn’t do it properly, and then I didn’t know how to take them apart etc. You should do a video tutorial 🙂

  6. The way you were staring incredulously at your fiance was AWESOME. LOL!!! You seriously crack me up. Yes, everything is good dipped in butter!

  7. i always crack up when i read your posts!

    im glad the fiance survived but mostly i love the face you are making as he attempts to eat one ofhte most yummy veggies ever… and dipped in butter- MMMM you can dip antyhing in butter an ti would be fab.

  8. The pictures of you two are priceless. Looks like you tricked him into eating veggies! Or did he think it was some kind of meat?

    Good job baby brother! Still waiting for that post!

  9. I’m so glad he tried artichokes, because they are amazing! I saw your asparagus sandwich and am drooling on the keyboard a little. Mmmmm. Way to go Baby Brother!

  10. your skeptical face in the top picture is amazing. I cracked up! I wish I knew someone who could make me good artichokes. My grandma does but she’s in Arizona!

  11. Hahahahaha – amazing post, girl!
    Hilarious pics 🙂

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