Last year was my first Easter not at home. And, I realized the other day that since last year on Easter my old camera (before the current broke-face one) was broken, I had Easter pictures on my phone to share!

I probably should learn to be nicer to my cameras, huh?


The fiance was, at the time, simply the boyfriend.  He lived in a studio apartment, I lived in a crazy duplex (the fridge door fell off the first week I lived there) with two other girls.  And I was finishing up student teaching in the projects, writing my work sample, and BSing my way through action research.

This was the first real holiday I’d had on my own.  It was  learning experience.

I hate hardboiled eggs.  I’m not a big egg person in general.  But I was quite insistent on dying eggs.
The fiance made ones with Weezer logos.  He does that to anything he can.  I’ve learned to accept it, because it’s basically never going to change.
I did learn something no one had taught me in my childhood
Drinking totally helps.

My mom sent us little beach buckets filled with stuff (because she knew I was already doing some real baskets)
We got toys from her
(I also learned that things like making me an Easter basket do not occur to the fiance at all.  This year, he bought me clothes.  And said I can put them in my basket if I want.  I like Ann Taylor and all, but it’s no Cadbury mini eggs)

When we went to Easter morning mass I learned that saying things like “I’m going to dress up for church today” (we’re generally jeans to church type of people) does not translate to my fiance as “YOU should dress up too”, and he stared at me when we got to church and asked “why didn’t you tell me not to wear jeans?”

Lesson learned.  Hinting never works.

I made Easter dinner.
It was lamb meatballs, couscous, and asparagus.  One thing I learned in childhood-when asparagus is in season, eat it like there’s no tomorrow.

(also, if you look closely, there’s totally a Christmas stocking up.  Awesome)

I tried to give the fiance some taziki on it.  But he saw me grating cucumber.  That was a a no… I’m still learning how to make him eat.

What’s the first holiday you did not at home?


6 responses to “Learning

  1. I spent Thanksgiving away from my family once. It was a disaster. All I did was eat mashed potatoes and drink wine.

  2. I’m so happy I havent had to do a holiday away yet; I just would be the type of person to cook a whole ham for myself and not know what to do with leftovers

  3. My first holiday away was Easter. I was visiting a friend living abroad in England. We went to her church and then hightailed it to London on a bus (I had an early AM flight the next day), spending the time eating yummy Cadbury chocolate & PB&J sandwiches for our Easter meal. It was pretty great.

  4. cute flashback post! my first holiday was last last thanksgiving. I cooked for my bf’s family…who doesn’t like veggies or fruit..I made them eat them…I’m soul-less

  5. I’ve had a few Christmas’s away from home…very weird to be away for the holidays!


  6. This past New Years was my first not at home (I was in Dominican), and this was my first Easter not at home either … I am in NY. I am okay with being away for those holidays, but never for Christmas.

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