D to the E

to the l-i-c-i-o-u-s

So, yesterday the fiance was home early because instead of his normal trek to So-lame (Salem, our state’s lovely capitol) he went up by Mt Hood.

(I’m a little bummed I’d already booked a whole week of work when this came up-trip to mountains = more fun than work)

It was nice to have him home.  I subjected him to an afternoon of registering at Macy’s
I’m worried about him finding beer somewhere with a registry and doing this:

Being home early also meant we could hit up Salvador Molly’s happy hour.

I’m a fan of happy hours, as they promote stuffing your face AND drinking.  And we all know, those are pretty much my hobbies.

We shared a pitcher of sangria
I love sangria because it’s wine you can drink with a straw.  I like straws.  And people like to judge if you drink normal wine with one.

And then we got delicious fries
Some shrimp for the fiance I couldn’t manage to take a decent picture of, and heaven on earth

Seriously, this was HEAVEN
background?  Pulled pork sliders.  Delicious of course.  In front?  Dahl with sweet potatoes.  Oh.  My.  Word.  So good.  The fiance kept stealing it.

best part?
No, not that we spent $19 on drinks (and $9 on food).  The server’s name. Fergalicious. Awesome.

Do you have a fav happy hour?


12 responses to “D to the E

  1. I’m trying to imagine what person would actually change their name to fergilicious and I can’t think of them

  2. Registering is so fun! We registered at Target and Crate & Barrel. I swear it was the best thing ever.

    LOL Fergilicious? I would have framed the receipt. Seriously.

    I love happy hour at a local mexican restaurant. They have the strongest margaritas ever. ❤

  3. Ahhh I love pulled pork sliders! What is dahl? I live under a rock.

  4. You’re registering at Macy’s and all I see is SAUCEPANS? You’re supposed to choose sanding mixers! Enormous ice cream makers! /Kitchen torches/! You only get one shot at making other people pay for your appliances; tap them for all they’re worth :p

  5. OMG that is too funny…Fergilicious
    Now I will have that song playing in my head all day lol

    I remember happy hour when I was in college and coming home piss drunk at 4 in the afternoon ha

  6. I love the happy hour at Seasons & Regions in SW- super fresh seafood and great cocktails. Also a cute patio area when the weather is nice 🙂

  7. Sangria = my favorite alcoholic beverage of all time by a mile!

    Who you callin’ So-Lame?!?!

  8. wahaha! Fergilicious! IS that for real? What a wickedly cool name.

  9. I would give my left foot for those fries.

  10. Please tell me “fergilicioius” was a gay man. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Oh and now I want bbq pulled pork. Seriously…melt in your mouth….SCREW IT. I’m getting bbq…brb. BTW you registered a gift for moi at macy’s right? You got me Godiva set right?

  11. LOL!
    i have never had to personally register for anytyhing but when i was MOH i got to help the b2bs.
    fun times
    yum on the food and still laughing at your servers name

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