Good and Bad by Baby Brother

Hello again, I have gotten increasingly bad at ever blogging, but we are all good at some things and bad at others.

EatingMachine is good at breaking cameras. I swear she goes through a camera a year!

This is not true.  It’s more like every year AND A HALF.

Our parents are good at attempting to get on the tv show Hoarders.

Sunday cooking dinner my dad broke the webber grill, so being the hoarders they are, they had an extra grill in the shed.

Cause everyone keeps an extra laying around, right?  My mom always said anything you could need we have two… I am starting to realize this is true.

Oh, and this is in addition to the gas grill.  Which our parents also have.

I am good at liking animals

[my awesome pet rooster]

but i am bad about choosing which ones to make friends with…

i met this nice guy out on my run yesterday. i was thinking i should catch him so EatingMachine would have a nice pet… (I would like him!  The fiance on the other hand would have about three heart attacks if you brought that over.  Unless you hid it in my bed, like you did with the worms.  And the frogs.  That wasn’t nice Baby Brother.) but decided that was a bad idea. and speaking on running, i am actually STILL running! and i signed up to run a 5k in portland next weekend. i even conned someone into running it with me!  (not me!)

and oh, did i mention the 5k is sponsored by JESUS! …er… Vitamin Water.

I am good at drinking coffee…

I am bad at drinking coffee in moderation…

[stars = i went to starbucks that day. there is a chance they know me by name there.]

yeah, i know, I’m good at wasting money.

Another bad thing: i live in “nowhere, washington”

but the good part is i live in nowhere, washington according to Miranda Lambert, who liked nowhere, washington enough to come here for a concert!

Hey Baby Brother, remember when you lived in a REAL city?  Remember that?

Some people might think my snack choices are bad

but odwalla and a quart of ice cream sure seemed good to me!

Yesterday on the phone mommy told me how you drink “this gross green stuff from Costco”.  Then she said she feeds it to baby too.

now i think it is time to make this bad mess of a desk look good and clean.

what was good and bad in your day?

oh and ps, a little birdy told me EatingMachine was coming to surreal america this weekend. hmmm sounds like there could be an easter vlog in the near future…


6 responses to “Good and Bad by Baby Brother

  1. if theres drunken shenanigans on that vlog, im all for it!

  2. If you brought me home a snake, I’d kill you. Actually I’d have a heart attack first. I HATE meeting snakes on my run 😦

  3. ohhhh don’t taunt me with a easter vlog! I can’t wait!!!!!

    baby brother, I am so proud of you and I can not wait to hear about your 5k!

  4. Good job on signing up for a 5k!!!!!!!!

    You two are my favourite pair of siblings 🙂

  5. easter vlog + cadbury creme eggs…I’m demanding this combo.

  6. LOL I love buying green juice from costco. I buy Naked Juice’s green machine!

    I cannot wait for the vlog and a recap of your 5k!

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