I Won’t Grow Up

Despite the fact that I’m less than two months away from 25 (which rounds up to 50.  And 50 rounds up to dead) it turns out I’m still mentally in college.

I mean, my weekend involved eating dessert for lunch
(stole some of this from the fiance)

Then heading out for pizza
and beer

(with the lovely Mama Pea, Carbzilla, and Ms Stepping off the Coaster)

And ending up staying out till far too late doing this
(Does anyone else feel like they’re back in college when they have a keg cup in hand?  Whats that?  You’ve gotten too old for keg cups?  Never mind then…)

And then going to (substitute teach at) school on Monday and sneaking in some *ahem* herbal refreshment between classes

But then I realized that in college I did things like this

And this

(that would be me.  In a tutu.  Twirling.  I’m 20 there.  And I graduated college like two weeks later.  I was clearly ready to be an adult)

So really, maybe I am growing up…

Do you do anything where you feel like it makes you seem vastly not your age?  I totally watch the Disney channel.


16 responses to “I Won’t Grow Up

  1. i like your age rounding…i feel exactly the same way. i actually forgot that I was turning 24 not 23. i kept telling people i was looking forward to my 23rd birthday. you know what 24 means, it means no more early twenties, its now mid twenties and mid-death. wtf?!

    keg cups? yeah right, right outta the bottle missy! we were hardcore.

  2. I wonder every day when I will stop feeling like I am 15 …

    I hope never.

    I totally listen to all the same music that my grade 8 students do 🙂 It takes the right kind of personality to keep up with adolescents, and it helps to keep a person young!

  3. Even though Sweetie and I just turned 21 and 22, respectively, we do spend a lot of time playing Pokemon, watching Sailor Moon and staying up way past our bedtimes. No tutus are involved, unfortunately.

  4. I sing the toys r us song in my head on my way to work on the daily. Also 26 rounds up to 40 FYI. Enjoy your youth! I ate ice cream for dinner this weekend and it was awesome!

  5. Hahah we watch the Disney channel, too! I find my husband watching Hannah Montana. Weird!

  6. I’m with you on the Disney channel thing- Phineas and Ferb is a GREAT show. My husband turns 30(!!!!!) next week. He still gets carded even when I don’t.

    Also, the macaroons look divine!

  7. Haha love this post! I am a two weeks away from turning 24 and I still don’t feel like a grownup. I watch the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and kids movies all the time. Being a grown up is overrated!

  8. On the way to a party a few weekends ago, where we drank out of keg cups, I was told by a liquor store employee that I didn’t need to show my ID because “I don’t look young.” Ouch, talk about feeling simultaneously old and young!

  9. dude. I still watch the disney channel movies! I am semi old and semi young. I watch lifetime and oprah all the time..which makes me semi old. BTW I want full tomatoes on my pizza!

  10. 25 rounds to 50 and 50 rounds up to dead. hilarious. I love the Disney channel and Disney movies. I also laugh at farting. I’m really immature

  11. I married a child, does that count? In all fairness I still do the happy dance when I get presents and the pee pee dance when I have to go, so Hubby obviously married a child as well. Being a grownup is overrated. The scary part in this is that I am 9 years and some change older than you. OMG. What does 34 round up to? Oh yeah, it rounds up to I’m a mother and I have to act like one… Uh, I’ll get right on that.

    Start celebrating now!

  12. I never feel my age. I’ll gladly watch a disney channel original movie until I need my tea and cookies and to go to bed

  13. HAHA I was watching Disney channel this weekend! I am all about Wizards of Waverly place! ohhh and I watched Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars when my niece slept over lol

  14. you also talk like a kid!
    “it’s more better”
    “cars go vroom smash!”

  15. i stopped counting my age at 22. i am going to be 27 in june, but totally pretending i will be 22 again 🙂 NEVER too old for keg cups!

  16. I’m 26. Old geezer over here. (I especially feel old being in college with 2 aa’s, 2 ba’s and now working on a teaching credential. And I still need my masters….ugh) I wish I had graduated at 20!

    Um keg cups? LOL I am a big fan of the ones where you can etch your name on them. It’s like playing the lotto.

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